Rise of the Footsoldier Part II


Action / Crime

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Luke Mably as Shawn
Steven Berkoff as Dr. Flint
Craig Fairbrass as Pat Tate
Ryan Oliva as Kenny Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leonblackwood 4 / 10

Surprisingly, quite enjoyable! 4/10

Review: I really wasn't expecting that much from this film, especially when I saw that it had something to do with the Rettendon killings but it actually turned out to be quite entertaining. The raw, intense and gritty storyline was, surprisingly, quite gripping and the Essex backdrop was put together well. The violence, sex and foul language did go a bit over the top but that was expected from this English, gangster type movie, which was based in Essex, at a time when the Rettendon murders were still in people's minds. All of the actors put in a decent performance, and they made the movie seem extremely real but the person that I was most impressed with was Ricci Harnett (Carlton Leach), who was pretty brutal and unlikable at the beginning but he found some redemption towards the end. When Carlton finally decides to "Knock It On The Head", to live the quiet life with his family, he is pushed to limit and his past catches up with him, so I would like to see a 3rd instalment, to finally see if he has turned his bad ways, to the good. The only downfall about this film is that there are a lot of movies in this genre which, are the same in many ways but I still stayed interested throughout, and I found it quite enjoyable. 

Round-Up: This movie was also directed by Ricci Harnett, who played the leading role, so he really did give this project his all. The London born actor/writer/director has also starred in movies like 28 Days Later, Vendetta starring Danny Dyer, Top Dog, the impressive Ill Manors, the Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan, and some TV series like the Bill, Buried and Dubplate Drama. He also starred in the first instalment of this movie, so he wasn't new to the project. Anyway, for his directorial debut, I personally think that he done a good job with this movie and his acting was top form but it would be good to see him tackle another genre, because this one has been done to death.

I recommend this movie to people who are into their crime movies starring Ricci Harnett, Steven Berkoff, Luke Mably, Craig Fairbrass, Terry Stone and Tygo Gernandt. 4/10

Reviewed by thewolf-67697 8 / 10

Excellent directional debut.

Considering this is Ricci Harnetts directional debut i think it is an excellent effort.

The dark undertones that became the fabric of Carlton Leaches life were brought to the fore with my particular favourite scene being the meeting with Norton played excellently by Jasper Britton with the intimidation from Britton and the fear from Harnett just oozing out of the scene.

Carlton Leach led a dark and often dangerous life and i believe no better person than Harnett could have been chosen to portray him with his brooding swagger and attitude when playing the part.

The DVD package itself is basic but well equipped with extras such as directors commentary and the making of.

Leach himself making a cameo was a nice touch but purists in that world might like to have seen a few more notables such as Bill Gardner putting in an appearance.

But all in all a very good title where i hope Mr Harnett is considering a ROTFS 3.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 1 / 10

Can a Footsoldier rise twice?....

In the vault of unnecessary sequels, this has to be up there with The Last Exorcism 2, Single White Female 2, and 8mm 2. The film serves nothing more than to be a vanity project for Writer, Director, Caterer, and Star, Harnett.

The first Rising of the Footsoldier was pretty solid stuff to be fair, it was the umpteenth telling of those shootings, and why and how they took place. They featured all your favourite bad boys from cockney based soaps, and had more C words in it than the song 'My Coo Coo Ca Choo'.

But it was purely filler, and was milking the dregs of a strange phenomena that Ritchie started in late nineties, and Nick Love continued to semi revive in the mid- nineties.........that of the British crime movie, and then merging your cockney wide boy story with added on true events for good measure.

And in the last few years, they have been coming out on DVD almost every other week, and almost every one features the word Essex in the title.

So this is basically 'what Carlton did next' and if this film is anything to go by, it's that he goes totally paranoid, almost loses everything because although he's getting on in his years, he still wants to be the hardest man on the street.

Now, with any other film, you would conclude that the writer is stretching the truth just a little bit, but when you have the real Leach appear in the film for nothing more than to hug his fictional counterpart, you wonder if it's all above board, or whether some people have huge egos.

And it's just another atypical, by the numbers gangster movie that has absolutely nothing new to offer. So the film consists of Harnett having a fight, getting paranoid, having a fight, getting paranoid, getting his family paranoid, and so on and so on.

None of the characters are likable, the film glamorises idiotic, beer swilling louts who like nothing more than to smash stuff up, treat women like animals, but are the salt of the earth, because they are loyal.

You've seen it all before, better and worse, and there now must be at least fifteen to twenty films in this sub genre released every year.

And the worse thing is, is that the film feels like the middle of a blooming trilogy.

A worthless inclusion to a worthless genre, feeding the wannabe criminals pipe dreams of destruction.

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