River of Grass


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tim Kidner ([email protected]) 7 / 10

Indie budget update of 'Badlands'

Like in Terrence Mallick's brilliant 1973 'Badlands', we have two, desperate, bored and unfulfilled young people here, who aimlessly - and pointlessly - fall into crime and then are then perpetually trying to avoid the repercussions from then on.

Charismatically, our two protagonists can't hold a candle to Charlie Sheen and Sissy Spacek of Badlands but as believable, everyday folk, Lisa Bowman and Larry Fessenden, as Cozy (a day-dreaming young woman named after her cop father's favourite jazz drummer) and Lee Ray, an unpredictable and moody son-of-a-gun who you could describe as having a poor attitude to both life and to others, they're fine.

Director Kelly Reichart's movie is at times both dreamy and at others more immediate. Though, if you're after blood-splattering action, you might be disappointed as this is more a character piece. Interesting camera angles add to the quite indie, fly-on-the-wall photography and we are introduced to some of the less glamorous and non-touristy parts of Florida. The title refers to the Native American name given to the stretch of swamplands near the Everglades.

A smattering of old jazz records provide the only soundtrack.

River of Grass says nothing new and covers no new ground but as a contemporary alternative to the Bonnie & Clyde and Natural Born Killers genre, that I and many others find both enthralling and intriguing, then this is a worthwhile, if minor, addition. I saw it on Film 4.

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 6 / 10

a sign of things to come, if less than the sum of its parts

River of Grass is a 'first-movie' (practically in quotes to make the distinction) not just in the fact that it is for Kelly Reichardt, but in tone too: the film is a loose, vaguely noir-ish tale with a more low-key beat and looking forward for when the director really takes a hold of that "mumblecore" thing years later as it's about a mother of two and a 2nd-tier Jack Nicholson character think they've accidentally killed someone and they go on the run... not really(?)

It's like the American remake of Breathless I might've wanted instead of the weak one with Richard Gere. It's a little too short to be more than a little festival experiment, but it has some good jazz, some good acting, a few genuinely weird and funny moments (some with a quirky Orthodox Jew who laughs a lot), and a final twist that seems needlessly pessimistic. I want to emphasize if you're a Reichardt fan and come to this in retrospect that it's not a bad debut, and not a great one either, though it does speak to her as having more of a sense of humor than her other films might lead one to believe.

Reviewed by ted-mcwhirter 7 / 10

Going nowhere special

As a counterpoint to Thelma and Louise and Badlands, this is the unromanticised, pathetic cry for attention and escape. Two anonymous casualties of society unintentionally crash and burn their way through the suburban sprawl of the Florida wetlands, an ecological miracle now supposedly re-claimed for twentieth century progress. Except their crashing and burning barely gets them out of their home state such is their ineptitude and powerlessness. Even with a real and yet symbolic gun they still can't capture that dream; inept burglaries, and an accidental shooting all they can muster. In the city they'd descend into an underworld of disease and drugs but in the wide recovered flats of the Everglades there isn't a subculture they can lose themselves in. Kelly Reichardt's minimal style, long takes and static camera just emphasises their hopelessness. There's no cathartic cliff to drive off at the end just a slow moving highway going nowhere special.

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