Rivers 9


Action / Comedy / Crime

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Elisabeth Röhm as Grace Rivers
C. Thomas Howell as Sheriff Quentin
Vinnie Jones as Ray Kaplan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kjnawrocki 8 / 10

Don't think other reviewer gets it

This isn't some hugely high budget mobster comedy like THE WHOLE NINE YARDS. That is like comparing apples to oranges in content, cash budget, and casting 'options' when TWNY was a major motion picture.

That being said this is charming, endearing, smaller indie version of OCEANS 11. Some absolute stand outs for casting (Ed O'Ross is a gem in everything and anything. Vinnie Jones has great presence. ) The fun camp factor is definitely there with Easterbrook, C. Thomas, Dante. It is what it is and enjoyable for it!

I think the other reviewer who gave it 1 star was harsh or didn't really see it for what was intended. Give it a shot.

Reviewed by saburaukami-645-566777 1 / 10


I can't believe I sat down and watched this.

The acting was just so horrible. The writer and director need to put some more time into thinking about what people would say and do in a movie. Seriously Mobster A tells a chick he is gonna slaughter her and ship her to Mexico and she just says "I love Mexico." I can't really tell what the director was going for. Just plain stupid? or if he was serious about how tacky everything was. The racist jokes were absolutely tasteless and out of place.

Don't waste your time. If you want comedy and a mob movie, watch The Whole Nine Yards, or even better Analise This.

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