Road to Paloma


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 54%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 3792


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Jason Momoa as Wolf
Sarah Shahi as Eva
Lisa Bonet as Magdalena
Lance Henriksen as FBI Agent Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coolcleangreen 7 / 10

down for the ride

Robert Wolf is on the run and on a mission. along the way we laugh, play and cry with him. we get frustrated. we fall in love. we get scared and heartbroken. what a journey.

i was so impressed with this feature length debut from Pride of Gypsies. cinematography, mood, tone, cast, dialog all fit (though dialog was light). there was deeply felt emotion throughout, but balanced with much appreciated levity. Jason Momoa directed a well-rounded experience. under Momoa's direction, i have to say that Chris Browning (Schaeffer) and Michael Raymond-James (Irish) stole it. they were wonderful and so perfect in their roles. Chris Browning, well, i have only seen him play sleazy characters, so this was a treat to see a different side of him. Linden Chiles (Bob, may he RIP) and, of course, Momoa (who basically played himself) were great to watch. Robert Mollohan (Cash) gotta see lol. wish there was more Wes Studi though.

i especially loved Brian Mendoza's cinematography. scenes by firelight, by morning light, by dusk and storm, by flare. i don't believe i have seen such brilliant use of natural light on earthy human beings since "Girlfight". i like the way he fills his shots with equal attention to foreground and background. this could easily have looked crowded, but in a movie with sparse dialog it was smart to keep the eye moving in almost every frame. there were some grainy moments that sort of added to the low-budget flavor of the piece. but then there were shots that looked like they would cost a fortune to recreate.

heartfelt, poignant, relevant...i recommend this one highly to those who care about good stories. if you keep producing this quality (or better), PoG you got me.

Reviewed by cazaman 7 / 10

An thoughtful and spiritual journey through the desert

This is a great film for those who honor the journey. With a beautiful display of desert landscapes, this movie let's you feel the freedom of living life moment to moment. I don't think that the point of the story was to examine morality in any great way; aside from the pain of suffering loss and the injustice that often prevails. The film does a good job of contrasting the shortcomings of western culture with the simplicity of a more ancient one. As a result, you get a story of blended and contrasting themes, filled with the tension of an impending doom.

I enjoyed the characters as well. Jason M. created a lovable hero that is easy to empathize with. His friends and family all admire the depth of his character, drawing the viewer into their world. It helps that he's a good looking dude, with all of the swagger you could ask of a mystery rogue biker. It's hard to imagine a woman who would say no.

This movie won't rock your world or change your stance on anything. It's simply a great indie flick into a world that most of us will never see, with freedom that we will never experience. It will leave you with lingering images of endless highways cut through a land that would rather forget about us.

I would have liked to give this a higher vote, but it's just a simple story and I feel that it tops the scale of it's own potential. Otherwise, I didn't think that it lacked much. I'll be recommending it to friends who care about something more than the latest superhero flick.

Reviewed by Alice Anne Albano 8 / 10

Road To Paloma

As I sat in the movie theater watching Road to Paloma, Clint Eastwood came to mind. Just for a moment I thought he directed this film, however it is the directorial debut of Jason Momoa, who also co-wrote and starred in the film as Wolf. The performances are low-key, the visuals tell the story, not a lot of dialogue, wonderful use of music, and the movie is leisurely and laid-back. It is about family, love, redemption, brotherhood, and justice. And it is also has an "Easy Rider" vibe. The Cinematography by Brian Mendoza is to be noted. I was immersed in Wolf's journey. If you are looking for a shoot-em up action movie, this is not for you.

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