Roadside Massacre


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by msgsabre 1 / 10


Pitiful acting, terrible story. At least make it overwhelmingly gory not some run of the mill slasher. I hated every minute of this movie and didn't even bother finishing it. If you want to make a horror movie do it with integrity. Basic rules of horror: 1) blood 2) nudity 3) terror 4) humor through the failure of being able to survive. Get it right or don't do it at all. It either needs to be Troma level or at the very least the level of classics of night of the living dead. Slashers are fine but they need to be terrifying. Not stupid you stupid failures. What a waste of money. What a waste of time for the poor people who watched this. I'm not an internet bully. I was mad that you wasted all this money on a terrible idea. Put down the camera and get a real job. Leave to movie business to people who don't settle for putting out garbage like this and thinking it's OK to release it to the public to exploit the genre. Horror is cool and making money now a-days we get it. But true fans wont let garbage like this pass.

Reviewed by William_Henry_Pratt 1 / 10

Stupid Junk

Let me start by saying that the "Director" works as an 'electric'. Just because one can carry a 10K doesn't mean they can direct a movie.

First I'd like to point out one of the most stupid, careless methods in visually identifying a plot point I've ever witnessed. After being served by a waitress, a customer runs out of a restaurant to her car and looks at a picture of her sister in order to verify that the WAITRESS IS IN FACT HER SISTER!!!! What the hell? Does this character suffer from some mental disorder that she forgets what her sister looked like? If she did it's never addressed again.

There is no action in this film. It opens promisingly enough, but soon after it just turns into a boring talk fest that has nothing interesting to say.

The acting has the same consistency of cardboard. The director must have spent all of his time at the craft service table because the shot structure is very unimaginative. It's just MED, CU - MED, CU over and over. There are no thrills or suspense. Every moment is telegraphed by one of those Star Trek transporters. Then there's a scene with a sheriff who appears to have been kidnapped from Knotts Berry Farm. I couldn't believe that he had a small dime store tin badge on his vest, which looked like it was cannibalized from some crew members three piece suit.

I'm convinced this picture was edited by a Cuisinart. I'm sure they just plopped all those MEDs and C.U.'s into the receptacle and flipped that switch to high. Pushing buttons on a computer does not make one an editor.

Most of the sets look alike. Nothing appears authentic. I think the filmmakers must have used their bedroom for a all purpose location. Come on guys at least make a little attempt of an effort! That's it this film is too crappy to waste any more time on…

You have a few precious minutes in life. Don't waste any on this stupid junk.

Reviewed by lil_dude6666 1 / 10

worst film ever, fake reviewers are out there....

I do have to say one thing whatever you do don't watch this movie and don't believe the 9 reviewers who have said that this film is amazing as they are more than likely involved in the making of the movie and they have all joined IMDb the same time an only have 1 review to show. Please please please do not watch this utter crap. As for the acting my pets are better at acting than these bunch of idiots. IMDb really do need to sort things out on this site as fake reviewers and people who are involved in the making of the movie should be banned from this site all together as they lead people to believe that this movie is actually good..... Do yourselves a favour guys and girls do not watch this movie go watch a Disney film which i am sure you will enjoy more....

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