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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deepack 10 / 10

In the belly of the beast they ROAR!

There's nothing fake about this film. It's shot beautifully, on real locations. Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith head a talented and fearless cast, who literally throw themselves in the jaws of the beasts over and over again. The picture has a terrific rhythm and is fun to watch but I couldn't help dwelling upon how dangerous a film it must have been to make. Although there were some poignant and funny moments like the scenes where dauntless John Marshall tries to pull his boat away from the shore but the lion keeps pulling it back or when he hides in a barrel filled with water and the lions begin to drink from it. The story seems simplistic in structure but is really quite profound in the way Marshall draws sympathy for the animals, brilliantly shot by John De Bont. The closeups of the dying beasts will bring tears to your eyes. This is must see for anyone who believes that filmmaking is artificial and safe.

Reviewed by ferbs54 8 / 10

Who Knew Tippi Had It In Her?!?!?!

It turns out that birds aren't the only critters to have given actress Tippi Hedren a rough time on screen! In "Roar" (1981), a film that Tippi and her then-husband Noel Marshall--along with sons John and Jerry and daughter Melanie Griffith--star in (Tippi and Noel also wrote, produced and directed), all manner of wild animals turn up to give the actress some fairly tense moments. In this virtually plot less film, a mother and her three kids go to Africa to visit their scientist husband/father after an absence of three years. Dad's not at home when they arrive, but around 30 large cats--lions, tigers, jaguars, etc.--are, and proceed to chase the family all around the abode. These animals are never shown in a bad light, however; this is very much a pro-conservation film that espouses all wildlife causes. That is all well and good, but the film's primary appeal, it must be said, is the Marshalls' fearless interaction with the big cats. Seeing Noel dive into a group of fighting lions and come out bloodied but happily beaming is really quite remarkable. Tippi reveals herself to be quite an extraordinary stuntwoman, too; just watch her get tossed about by an elephant, fall off a tipping ladder into a pond, climb down a waterwheel, and roll around with the lions! We are told at the picture's beginning that no animals were harmed during its (11-year!) filming; I for one could use a further reassurance about the movie's humans! Siegfried & Roy, eat your hearts out; no lion tamer act will ever seem impressive after one sees what Noel and family do during the course of this film! "How did they ever make this thing?" is the question that springs to mind constantly during a viewing of "Roar"; the human-animal interactions shown are like nothing you have ever seen. In that, it is a completely sui generis experience, and, despite a few genuinely scary moments, perfectly suitable for watching with the kiddies. Very highly recommended.

Reviewed by rlillig 8 / 10

Well worth viewing.

Having both seen the film & visited the amazing home of the star, Tippie Hedren, to see the wonderful animals, I can't recommend the film highly enough. Cats of different species living together in the beautiful setting of Roar is stunning to see. Ms. Hedren shares her home at Shambala with as many as 80 great cats of all varieties, & provides a permanent home for them. The Roar film project taught Ms. Hedren & her family the importance of protecting these "wild ones" & she shares this with the public by opening her home twice a month to visitors over 18 years of age. I have experienced being up close & personal with the "wild ones" at Shambala twice & was able to, in a very special way, live "Roar". See the film & visit Shambala, you will be very happy you did.

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