Robot Overlords


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Ben Kingsley as Robin Smythe
Milo Parker as Connor
Callan McAuliffe as Sean Flynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huwbutts 7 / 10

Better than most films with 10x the budget.

This movie is not amazing. But then again, when was the last time you saw one that was?

Fantastic Four opened just before the the writing of this. With that film being a complete disaster, it saddens me that it gets just about a lower score than Robot Overlords, because the latter is far superior.

What to expect: Good but not incredible CGI (again, far more believable than FF'S The Thing...or anything else in it for that matter...) Good acting: Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson are great, and the kids are surprisingly good too. Good pacing: I didn't get bored at any point. That's quite rare nowadays. A cliché story, kept fresh by the fact that it's British. Personally, I enjoyed this more than The World's End; darn it - I actually felt a little bit invested.

Nothing more to say than that I guess. This is low-budget done right, and I enjoyed it. What more do you want? A cookie?

Reviewed by abermans 4 / 10

A Must see for all the family?? Really??

How can someone spend so much time, money and effort (Significant amounts by the look of things), get names such as Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley to join his project and end up with this sad excuse for a sci-fi blockbuster wannabe?

The storyline is stupid beyond anyone (above 3 year old) belief. The dialogues are moving between bad to embarrassingly cheesy. The acting is wooden at best. The CGI is dated. There is very little good to write about it. Dr. Who style? Maybe. How does that suppose to work on the Cinema screen??

Once the storyline was approved, this movie was doomed. If the 1% of the budget would have been spent on the writing, it could have made a huge difference.

This should have gone to video. Don't waste your money!

Reviewed by Die Cycle 3 / 10

Maintain low expectations

Robot Overlords…I wasn't expecting cinematic wonder, and the attachment of Ms. Anderson and Mr. Kingsley was enough to raise interest, but even the aforementioned talent could not save Robot Overlords.

Truthfully, the acting is acceptable, the special effects, while low budget, are decent and the production, as a whole, has more polish, than a typical "b" movie. It is the "Scooby Do" qualities that sink the show e.g. kids fighting for their lives with fireworks, bad guys are evil, rotten and bad, children save the day etc. etc.

Robot Overlords is much like an adolescent; vacillating between acting as an adult and acting as a child. The result is an awkward film. Other movies have bridged this space, with clever adult subtext and/or humor over their juvenile story. Robot Overlords misses this opportunity, and consequently, fails.

If you and your children are science fiction fans, it could make a movie night but, wait for the dollar rental.

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