Rockabilly Zombie Weekend


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chitoryu 12 1 / 10

Movie sucks

This movie is awful. Worst movie I've seen, and I love zombie movies.

This film has nothing redeeming it. Its not funny enough to be a funny zombie movie and when it attempts to be funny it just winds up with the most cringe worthy attempts at jokes that could be done. It's not scary enough to be a horror zombie flick. The CGI gore and over the topness just make this seem like a wannabe movie to unrealistic to be scary. The film suffers from trying to find a new niche to in the zombie franchise but just ends up repeating other flicks to the point of plagiarism. The dialogue is questionable and the acting far below par. Not once could I even relate to the actors becuz they just seemed like they couldn't connect to the roles they were playing. This movie isn't even good enough to make it on Thriller or SyFy during zombie week or make it to the 49 cent ben at walmart Also, the Cody Cromartie reviewer was in the movie so don't belief him.

Reviewed by Sexual Ferret 1 / 10

The antithesis of "win"

Let me pose a question to you. Suppose a friend invites you to a movie premiere. Très cool, no? Let's then suppose that movie is Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. Do you still remain awkward friends after the movie, or do you just terminate the friendship right there?

Regardless of said situation I find myself in, I take it upon me to inform you that Rockabilly Zombie Weekend is a pile, the inferior movie choice of movies that have premiered this month. Yes, I do realize Scary Movie V is out this month, and yes I am serious about recommending that travesty over this.

Firstly, this movie's plot just shows how people are scraping the bottom of the undead barrel when it comes to zombies. It's trite, hackneyed, and basically if you've seen any zombie movie ever you already know this movie frame-by-frame. It seems like a hastily cobbled-together excuse for a bunch of red-necks to test out their RED-One™ they bought by making beer runs and selling the beer to minors at a 300% markup.

While the plot is terrible but at least existent, the same cannot be said for the acting, which is so bad that I wondered if this movie was filmed as a farce of B-cinema. However having met the director and having seen his sadly misplaced earnestness firsthand, I am left to assume he had just hired untrained friends and family members to fill roles. The delivery is so wooden it would make a sequoia blush. I would be surprised to learn that any of these people were paid. The extras in particular were horrible, I doubt they could perform the role of something so simple as a chair or a brick wall without tripping all over themselves. This movie is a fine example of how NOT to cast or direct.

The cinematography and special effects have left something to be desired but frankly are on par with Youtube films. The musical score was largely forgettable which makes it probably the best aspect of the film.

Overall I still felt cheated because while I had not spent any money I wasted a fair amount of my time which could have been put to something more enjoyable, like sorting laundry or writing terrible Fallout fan fiction where I was the main character.

It might be worth seeing this movie when it goes direct-to-Bittorrent and you're stealing a neighbor's WiFi but I do not recommend it otherwise.

Reviewed by EStateen29 1 / 10

Why would anyone like this?

Saying that it's "just a zombie movie" is a cop-out and suggests that legitimately good zombie films aren't legitimate art.

This movie sucks and I regret wasting my time seeing it. I realize that it's an indie movie made by some alcoholic hicks from the South (no offense) but that doesn't excuse the fact that it's very cheesy and not in a really fun way.

What was up with that Sinister Minister guy? It's kind of lame when your movie is hiring random gimmicky local celebrities. I wish that meant that this gave the movie some legitimate folksy charm or something, but it doesn't really work.

I really wanted to like this movie, but it didn't work out.

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