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Reviewed by Fido Max 7 / 10

American Blue collar worker.

Flint is small town that was for many years a extension to General Motors factory. One morning boss of Genergal Motor – Roger Smith woke up and discover the fact that closing the factory and fire of 30,000 people can make better business than carry on with production, despite the fact that factory didn't bring any losses.

"Roger and Me" is document where Michael Moore report the slow but systematic fall of his hometown because of Roger Smith decision. Moore just want one thing – bring Roger Smith to the town, so he can see with his own eyes the fallout. I wont spoiler, let me just say the one of last scene of this movie is very eerie and surreal.

This is very interesting document, when every reported thing is scary, curious and funny. My favorite moment is interview with women breeding rabbits (for pets, and for meat), but all of this encounters with Flint's peasants are at least informative. Yeah, it's a manipulation by Moore like always (I hate his Fahrenheit because of that), but here he selected and arranged the moment in very powerful way. The situation is real, and the horror of it its more then real, when we see this hopeless, not very bright people who where just because of one man decision put on the highway to hell.

And of course this movie is all about Moore. He is everywhere, non stop commenting, but the god-crusader from last scene of "Bowling for columbine" (Heston) is no where near here, and that's a good thing. This movie is just a well aimed shot, a punk-rock scream for a social injustice. This is art for document with power to stir up emotion and show people ugly things just the way they are: evictions, parades, idiotic city decision – ignorance, foolishness, powerlessness – its all powerful evil, and the last scene with very sad Christmas Carol its surreal.

Reviewed by Agent10 9 / 10

Very deep, very true.

Easily the funniest documentary of all time, this film takes a hard look at the common working man. So many elements in this film are excellent, and one gets to see the tough life these factory workers experience. From the cross action between Roger Smith and the workers getting evicted is one of the most surreal moments in a film full of them. While Michael Moore fiddled with the timeline egregiously, the tongue-in-cheek attitude most of the people exhibit is shocking. A movie for anyone who feels frustrated with the daily rat race.

Reviewed by Kyle Milligan ([email protected]) 10 / 10

A great documentarian is born

I saw this film at a second-run theatre not long after its initial release. And not being a fan of documentaries, I must say I was incredibly impressed, informed and even. (gasp!).entertained. Prior to this film, when I heard the word documentary, I usually conjured up images from Mutual of Omaha African landscapes and another scene of animals either mating or killing.

My mother has always touted the merits of stories based on true events, and of course documentaries being 100% true, she finally found a film that she could whole-heartedly embrace and recommend to her son who at the time, preferred films of a more fantastic and less plausible nature.

Michael Moore, the "Me" in "Roger And Me" has a dry wit that can leave you rolling in the aisles with his dumbfounded disbelief in the face of human absurdity that he encounters almost everywhere he goes on his hunt for "Roger" Smith, the CEO of General Motors. Michael just wants to talk with Roger and ask him to visit Flint, Michigan, Michael's hometown, to see the effect that closing down all the automotive plants in Flint has had on the people who live there. That effect being at times incredibly depressing and at others, quite amusing. The most amusing moments coming from Roger Smith's repeated, successful but narrow evasion from the confrontational Michael Moore.

Is Michael Moore entirely unbiased? Hell, no. But he is intelligent, engaging and inherently humourous in his views and I'm glad there's someone like him out there. If after this film, you feel you need more, than all you must do is prime yourself with his book, "Downsize This" and follow it up with the simple yet powerful documentary, "The Big One". Michael Moore is also the man behind the short lived "TV Nation" which ran for two years on two different networks in the early 90s, and proved to be some of the most intelligent, thought-provoking material that ever hit the idiot box. There are tapes available of the show, which I own, and sadly cannot recommend due to the low technical recording quality, which doesn't do the fantastic content justice.

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