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Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Alan Tudyk as K-2SO
Warwick Davis as Weeteef Cyubee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gareth Mattison 5 / 10

Ultimately Underwhelming

I've been an avid Star Wars fan since 1977. I've seen all the live action films multiple times and even sat through the Holiday Special and the Ewok spin-offs. I was looking forward to Rogue One and booked tickets well in advance for the first show of the first day.

I was surprised to find the cinema mostly deserted - especially after the full houses I experienced during the first couple of weeks of The Force Awakens' run.

Having watched all the trailers, TV spots and clips, I had a good idea what to expect and, as the film began, those expectations were justified. This was a more 'grown-up' Star Wars: darker, more violent and morally ambiguous. I was loving it and thinking it might well turn out to be my new favourite Star Wars film.

But... it began to feel very rushed. The action sequences and special effects were superb and there was no doubt this was a film set in the Star Wars universe but characters were being introduced and killed-off at such a pace it was hard to keep up and even harder to care about them. We were whizzed at breakneck pace from planet to planet (complete with some slightly jarring captions to tell us where we were) and then it suddenly began to sag.

As the hastily assembled Rebel crew went on their mission to find Galen I began to lose interest and even found myself nodding off. It was all a bit boring.

The pace soon picked up and I got back into it but I was disappointed with Vader's first appearance and completely distracted by the CGI Tarkin. Vader seemed too small physically, the voice sounded off and the dialogue (especially the final quip) seemed out of character. Resurrecting Peter Cushing in digital form was a brave move but the technology is still not quite there and I began to feel more detached from the plot and characters as I analysed the strangeness of his appearance.

As the film moved to its final act, I was wowed by the visuals but, by now, I had no real interest in the characters and their deaths just came and went with no emotional impact. In fact, my mind was wandering as I noticed more and more how much of the previously released footage wasn't in the final cut of the film - including some of the most spectacular shots such as the TIE fighter looming in front of Jyn on the gantry and the beautiful shot of Krennic striding towards the shore surrounded by the floating bodies of his troops. Rogue One had lost me and was beginning to disappoint.

As Vader made his final appearance I was, at last, feeling some excitement. It was a great scene but... that final shot of CGI Leia was a real 'What? Why? No!' moment. Terrible. Less in this case would definitely have been more.

As the film ended, there was no applause and everybody got up and left immediately, leaving me to watch the credits alone feeling more than a little underwhelmed. It is not a bad film. The design and special effects (CGI human faces not withstanding) are superb. The cast are interesting and do a good job with very limited characterisation. But Rogue One ultimately failed to involve me emotionally in the story or characters and, in the end, it kind of felt like watching somebody else play a beautiful video game.

Reviewed by dorteel 9 / 10

I feel like the void left in my heart by episode VII has been filled now.

Maybe it's because I had higher expectations for episode VII and almost none for this one, I feel like this movie managed to achieve what the other one couldn't.

I'm not saying that it was perfect, but it sure was good enough for me, and it will be good enough for many other die-hard SW fans. Leading female actor wasn't that good in my opinion, but otherwise this movie had everything a SW fan could wish for. Good old characters, good old places, and an overall good old SW feeling. Fits into the story line quite well, CGI was a bold move , could've gone bad, but it played out quite nicely.

Overall I think SW fans will love it, but anybody not deeply immersed in the saga would also enjoy it.

Reviewed by Jordan Forbes 9 / 10

Rogue One Review

Rogue One is the first Star Wars film to be set outside the Episodic Sagas. With that, there was a lot of pressure on it to perform and launch this new series of Star Wars films.

By far, this is the least kid friendly film. This was at it's core, a war film, something we have never really gotten in the Star Wars universe. With the war theme we got an overall darker tone than we are use to, and it really suited the story they were telling. We never have experienced the war side of Star Wars because the stories have always been focused on a force user rather than the events around them. Because there are no jedi, we got to see more of the Rebellion and the Empire and the battle that is taking place during the original trilogy.

Offsetting the darker tone of the film, I thought this was perhaps the funniest Star Wars film. There are so many one liners and comedic moments that brings a lighter tone to the darker moments. I think much of the comedic moments came from the droid character K2SO. For the most part, he was the comedic relief and because of that, you are drawn to his character and is a stand out.

While still on the cast and characters, I thought they were near perfect. While the characters themselves aren't as fleshed out as we get during the saga films, for the role themselves, they served their purpose. Apart from K2SO, I thought Donnie Yen's character, Chirrut was a close second standout. I really enjoyed his character because of his connection into the Star Wars law.

How much you enjoy Rogue One is, for the most part, going to depend how deep you invested you are into the world of Star Wars. As someone who read Cataylst in the lead up to Rogue One, I felt as though my experience during this film was enhanced so much. There were so many moments that was so much meaningful and heartfelt because I knew the backstory to some of these events and characters. There is also a lot fan service in Rogue One that on paper, it seems like it's too much. But what stood out was that not one of the fan services felt shoed in. All of it felt like it had a place in the movie and should of been there regardless of if it was a fan service moment or not.

Walking out of this film, you are going to be on a high and that is because of the fantastic third act this film has. Rogue One has a third act that will rival that of Return of the Jedi. This is one of the best space battle I have ever seen. While I love the one in Return of the Jedi, personally I rank the opening battle from Revenge of the Sith above it. However, the space battle in Rogue One beats them all. It had the feel that Return of the Jedi brought in their space battle but with the action and visual effects the space battle in Revenge of the Sith.

Stepping back from the space battle, the third act has a terrific ground level fight. This was where the war tone was heavily present. This was a scene we see in a WWII war film but with a Star Wars skin. There's no better way to describe it, and that is a good thing. What really enhanced the war toned ground fight was how well it was edited between the action happening on the ground and the spectacle of a space battle happening above them.

I have to mention Vader. While he isn't in it all that much, when he is, his presence is felt. Without giving so much away, his final scene is perhaps one of my favourite scenes I have ever seen. The short scene alone rivals the Airport scene in Captain America: Civil War for me. It is so exciting that it has the capability to make any major Star Wars fans cry with happiness.

Overall, I loved this movie. This did what it need to do and prove that they can make Star Wars films that isn't all lightsabers and Skywalkers. But what this film does the best is enhance A New Hope. As soon as I walked out the cinema I wanted to go and watch A New Hope. Personally, I really struggle with watching A New Hope but with Rogue One it makes me excited to go back and watch the original Star Wars.


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