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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hangarra 4 / 10


i never fully understood why Portugal never could do better with the best player in the world than we once did without him. up until now. hands down to ronaldo for creating the mindset needed to become what he is today. That being said, he simply drowned in is created and self induced idea that he is a demigod.

In the entire documentary not one single reference to a teammate. Instead only subtle accusations that the team is not as good as him. They don't have the talent he does, the motivation he does, the belief he does, the endurance to pain he does. Boy it must suck to be in the same team as this guy. We win praise me, we lose its your fault. You can have the best player in the world in the team, and if it is ronaldo you are sure the get the absolute most out of 1 guy all season, but you are also sure not to have the most out of the other 10 because of him. maybe 1 day he will realize that some people don't like him nearly as much as they like the money he gets them, and that for a man to be truly great he cant be out grown by his ego. In the end, i was left feeling kinda sorry for him. although I'm sure that getting in on one of the 30 sports car sitting in his garage (that he so smoothly used his son to show us), is all it takes to make him feel great about himself.

Reviewed by kwameboame 2 / 10

Depressing Movie by a Narcissist

The movie was awful for me. From the beginning to the end, you see a lad who loves being pampered and praised. Throughout the movie, there is a feeling of obsession of Ronaldo by himself and he seems to surround himself with people who only obssess over him like he needs some kind of validation. His obsession on wanting to be considered as a better player than Messi is also clear and even his agent joins in on that.

The only parts I loved was the parts with his son...even there, there was a bit of narcissism but you can see he genuinely tries to be a better dad for his son and he really tries to make time for him.

Overall, the movie was boring after about 20 minutes for me.

Reviewed by Don Man 2 / 10

Great Player! Terrible Movie!

It is really hard to even call this a movie... It does not flow together at all. It is a bunch of videos stitched together.

With that being said... I love soccer and I love watching Ronaldo play!

It completely left out his time spent playing at Manchester United. This WAS some of his BEST years! They gave him his chance to shine and he didn't disappoint! I just wish he had included some of that in this movie.

This movie was more about Ronaldo and his son.

If you want to watch this to see some great Ronaldo futbol, then skip it. Just go to Youtube.

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