Roommate Wanted


Action / Thriller


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Alexa PenaVega as Janie
Kathryn Morris as Olivia Morgan
Richard Riehle as Dr. Hoffman
Jennifer Lyons as Jessica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boogie Buddha 6 / 10

Who wouldn't want to be roommates with Alexa Vega!

Going into this film I was expecting a serious horror film or thriller. On the other hand, the film might be a mixture of genres. Sometimes the film feels like a comedy, sometimes like a drama, and sometimes like a psycho thriller. In the case of Roommate Wanted you have a better than expected film that is a lot of genres in one big blender.

The film can be best described as a dramedy about mismatched roommates who hate each other. You might be thinking to yourself that this does not sound like horror and you would be partly correct. However, when the film goes to the extreme it gets EXTREME. The film benefits from strong performances and from the fact that although it is a small movie, it looks great. The performances are really good. Honestly, the performances are the best part of the film. Alexa Vega is more than just a pretty face. She is talented, tough, a good actress, and I wish we could see her in more films. I also thought how even though there are only two real main characters, you can connect to them both. Meaning you can relate to both Alexa Vega's character and Spencer Grammar's character.

What I didn't like about the film is the writing is a little off. Meaning, the script feels like there are parts that drag, feel like filler, and at times doesn't know what it wants to be.

So these are my final B*tchin' Buddha thoughts on Roommate Wanted (2015). It is a film you are going to like, or a film you are going to hate. I honestly do not see too many people loving this, but I do see someone liking this. If you are looking for a simply minded horror, thriller, comedy, whatever it is. I think you will be pleased. I believe this film earns a…

6 out of 10.

This review is brought to you by Boogie Buddha, and remember don't just get down, but get Boogie. Thank you for reading and or viewing, and I hope you all have an amazing day and night as always. :)

Reviewed by Sarah Jahangir 1 / 10

Absolute rubbish

What a piece of crap movie from start to finish, bad acting, bad plot, bad everything. And the cherry on top was the dog being killed by the snake. The dog was the only good thing about the movie. I am so angry for the time I wasted and then having to see that was incredibly upsetting. Why do people waste money making ridiculous movies like this? It was so bad, I can't go on enough about how about it was. I am literally mortified at how psychotic they were, it gave women off as absolute mental patients and I just shudder thinking back. I think I need to watch like 500 bad movies to get over the pain of this one.

I don't think I've ever hated a movie enough to even bother writing a review.

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10

Who to pick?

If you have to completely different characters on display, it sometimes is very hard to pick which one you actually like to root for. In this case I thought I was rooting for the lesser evil of the two, the one that seemed to keep it as real as possible, instead of harboring anger and letting it explode almost without a reason.

But if you're honest to yourself, both are as mean as it gets. Not that you wish them anything bad. You just don't care about them, which is not the best thing for a movie with two main characters who are on screen most of the time. Where is the connection? While you may be able to understand how the situation came to be, the extremes this goes are a bit much (which is actually an understatement).

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