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Selena Gomez as Kate
Jamie Chung as Lisa Martin
Anton Yelchin as Quentin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by is24 10 / 10

Surprising ...

... and breathtaking. I had a pleasure of watching this movie tonight, including a director, William H. Macy's Q and A.

Writers and director did some great choices. Casting was perfect. Billy Crudup's performance is simply fantastic. Excellent music and lyrics. By far, the most emotional and moving film I saw this year.

Daring and dangerous, casualties all across the board and so well done in all aspects. Yet another proof that independent movies like this one bring out more feelings and passion than any blockbuster.

Everyone should see it!

Thought-provoking gem!

Reviewed by Martin (Martrob2) 10 / 10

Movie stuck with me in the best way!

Okay, so I rented this movie Friday night. The longer I watched it the more mad I was at myself for not buying it (which I did the next day). The movie,the acting,the music were wonderful. I am a big Billy Cruddup fan and his acting was a joy to watch. Lawrence Fishburn played the perfect role as well. Anton Yelchin did a great job with his character. I could go on about the whole cast. Bonus for getting to see and hear Ben Kweller. I immediately bought the soundtrack and played it two times through that night. This is my kind of movie. I've never seen a story told like this. William H. Macy should be proud of this film. I want to watch it again right now.

Reviewed by jacqs-852-631517 8 / 10

Incredible Music

Saw Rudderless at a private screening in Chicago hosted by William H. Macy. What a powerful, moving and truly entertaining indie film! The performances by Billy Crudup and Felicity Huffman are fantastic. Billy Crudup is award-winning as a broken father who has lost his son tragically and then tries to relate to his son, to pick up the pieces... through music.

Selena Gomez, while only in a handful of scenes, displays a dark, intense maturity that we haven't seen from her performances to-date.

But the real star of this film is the original music. Fantastic pop rock, catchy tunes with telling lyrics that really make this movie special. The soundtrack is going to be as popular as the movie.

Coming to theaters in the U.S. on Oct 17, 2014! Go see it.

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