Running Scared


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 9331


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Darlanne Fluegel as Anna Costanzo
Billy Crystal as Danny Costanzo
Joe Pantoliano as Snake
Jimmy Smits as Julio Gonzales
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dabooneman81 10 / 10


This is great movie for fans of (the late great) Gregory Hines or Billy Crystal.I not too big on Crystal,although Analyze this/that were funny.I like this performance more.He played a serious role,especially

when someone kidnapped somebody he loved.He and Hines cracked jokes and worked great together.It took me nearly 13 years to finally watch it,uncut,commercial free, unlike they show on TBS or TNT or any other.I have this thing about watching Movies on tv,(No Nudity,no cursing,edited scenes and commercials)You're not seeing the movie as it was intended.So even though i would glance at it for a second,I"d turn from it.I rented it at blockbuster in 99'bought Vhs in 2000.Dvd in 2002.Even though,I knew of it and saw it at various video stores.I finally got around to it. I love the title song playing in the opening sequence with the city of Chicago and it's people. It had great music all around, especially the Michael McDonald classic"Sweet Freedom". Every time i heard it on the radio I thought about the movie.It had a music video go with it, that had Hines and Crystal singing,dancing,and acting funny. I wish the Dvd had put that and a director's commentary on there along with the outtakes. It had a bunch of funny scenes -too many to name.Having to give their pants up for Julio Gonzalez(Jimmy Smits)and the jokes that followed.Or when they're hanging upside down in a trash compactor arguing about $10 dollars-.I love the scene where Hines and Crystal get held up,but the criminals bolted in their car ,and i looked as if they got away,but the truck forced them drive back into Hines and Crystal.The smile those two give each other are priceless.When a kid at a house of a lady they're questioning keeps giving Hines the bird.The lady shuts her door.Hines knocks,the kid answers and Hines gives him the bird Yelling "Yessssssss". Their vacation time in Florida had good scenery-motorcycles,women,fishing boat,roller skates, and the idea to retire from the cop business.Oh,yes and "Sweet Freedom"playing through it.The Chase from the airport onto train tracks was awesome.The shootout in the building, in the last scene in the movie was good.These scenes are few of many, that stand out to me.This movie had action,witty dialogue,smart,intelligent-just plain great and funny.Now Hines and Crystal took different film routes after this. Crystal -comedies,So his one and only action movie he did a great job,.It was a physical role for him too.Running,jumping, shooting.He had a seriousness about him too.Hines went onto-action,and dramas .So in that time and space ,they were wonderful . If you liked Beverly Hills Cop,Bad Boys-one similarity is Martin Lawrence and Will Smith get held up for their car ,like Hines and Crystal for their wallets. The movie worked the same formula for the genre as those.Sad it wasn't as big at the box office like them.That's probably why a sequel wasn't made.Although the chemistry was there. Commenting on it- "makes me wants to go and watch it right

now!!!!!!" I give it a 10 out of 10********* R.I.P - Gregory Hines

Reviewed by Clay Thompson ([email protected]) 8 / 10

The original buddy-comedy action film

There are films, when going in, you don't expect much and then are pleasantly surprised. This was one of those films. It was difficult for me to picture Billy Crystal as an undercover cop, but he was very good in this. The focus of the movie was mostly on Billy, but there was a wonderful chemistry between him and Gregory Hines. It is not a date movie, but is great to see with a buddy. If you are just a bit off center, and have a friend who is equally off center, but one who balances you, this is a movie that you can thoroughly enjoy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and hoped we could have a re-teaming of Crystal and Hines, but Gregory Hines untimely death robbed us of that.

Watch it, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Ohhhhh Nooooo!

Reviewed by gcd70 7 / 10

I liked the funny parts, and the car chase

Very funny cop/buddy movie that owes a lot to the inspired teaming of Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal. The script may not be much, but it has enough in it to keep the audience interested, while director Peter Hyams keeps the action and, more importantly, the comedy, rolling at a good pace. For it is the comedy that makes this picture.

Hines and Crystal are in great form. They play off each other wonderfully, and their comic timing is perfect as they deliver some hilarious lines. Situation after situation will have you in stitches in this film. Writers Gary De Vore and Jimmy Huston certainly have a sharp sense of humour.

Tuesday, July 7, 1992 - Video

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