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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrs-8 9 / 10

A biting comedy for adults.

How rare it is to see a terrific comedy meant for adults. "S.O.B." is Blake Edwards dark look at life in Hollywood. And believe me he pulls no punches. Everyone and everything is a target and he hits it almost every time.

"S.O.B." tells the story of a big director whose latest film is the biggest flop in movie history. Despondent he spends the first half of the film trying to kill himself and the second half trying to save the film by re-shooting it as an arty porno film complete with a nude scene by the virginal female lead (played by the virginal Julie Andrews).

As I said no stone goes unturned. We get hints of drugs, death, murder, suicide, sex, homosexuality (both men and women), transvestism, back stabbing, grave robbing, and much more. But it is done in a tone that is dark but extremely funny. Watching William Holden, Robert Preston, and Robert Webber in their scenes in the third act is worth the time alone. And, yes, we do get to see Julie Andrews in a brief topless shot. It's nice if you like her but nothing special.

The only complaint is that the film runs a bit too long. Edwards would have benefited the film with a trimming of about 15 minutes. But if you like your comedy dark, this is a must see.

Reviewed by SquirePM 10 / 10

So True, It's Scary

ONLY ONE MOVIE gives us the best all time performances from Richard Mulligan, Robert Webber and Loretta Swit, coupled with over-the-top turns by Julie Andrews, Robert Vaughn, William Holden and the amazing Robert Preston as Dr. Finegarten. ("Madam, a shyster is an unethical lawyer! *I* am a *QUACK*!")

Blake Edwards has been a huge success despite, not because of, the Hollywood system. In S.O.B. he throws it right in their faces, making an "A" movie filled with "A" stars that attacks, slices, dices, grinds up and flushes the moviemaking establishment.

Oh, this is a wicked, wicked film. Sam Goldwyn and the other old moguls would have sent a hit man after Edwards.

The performances and the story are too intense to describe piecemeal. This is the undefeated world champion dissection of Hollywood.

And FUNNY! What a HOWL! And Julie Andrews, what a TROUPER!

Reviewed by Lana Falana 10 / 10


"S.O.B.", which is Blake Edwards' masterpiece, is a masterful and wicked satire of Hollywood. This is Edwards' revenge for Hollywood's shallow treatment of him during his 1968-1975 "down" period in which he made a series of quite good flops which died at the boxoffice.

In fact, Edwards uses one of those flops, 1970's "Darling Lili", which I gave three stars, as the backstory of "S.O.B." Let me describe to you what happened with that film, as to give you the flavor of what this film is about: In 1968-1970, Blake Edwards made Darling Lili, his first film with his wife Julie Andrews. It cost over 40 million dollars and took 3 at the box office. It was also savagely panned by the critics. Anyway,an undeterred Edwards withdrew the film, edited it down from 145 mins to 113 mins, took out the comic relief and rereleased it;here it did well enough to break even.(Today, the 113 minute cut is the one most often shown on TV)Critics liked the new version.

In "S.O.B.", Edwards takes everything one step further to create a savagely hilarious comedy. Everything works here. Everything. The opening credits sequence, in which he see the "Darling Lili" surrogate Night Wind play out (it's supposed to be BAD, so relax), to the great slapstick sequences (Mulligan's suicide attempts are particularly funny) to the ontarget performances which include Andrews, cast against type as a rich bitch actress, William Holden as the director, Richard Mulligan as the Blake Edwards surrogate and especially the great Robert Preston as the local Dr. Feelgood (called Finegarten in this; preston should have received a nomination for his good work)There are also many other Edwards veterans in the cast such as Robert Webber, Craig Stevens and Stuart Margolin, just to name a few.

Seeing this film once is just not enough. It demands multiple viewings because each time you find something new to enjoy and laugh at. Most of all, it makes you think about what occurred. And in the age of asinine so called comedies such as "Tomcats", "Joe Dirt" and "Deuce Bigelow", finding a rare and distinctive comedy like "S.O.B" is a real treasure. It's a real shame that Edwards has retired from theatrical films, just think of what he could say today. Fortunately, "S.O.B." has remained fresh and original.

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