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Sarah Hyland as Chloe
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Steven Krueger as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stephen Giannoulis 1 / 10

Waste of time unless you are a teenager (I guess).

As a horror fan, I tend to check out quite a few horror films. If I had a chance to "unview" this one, I would. The plot and writing are very poor. I realize the movie was made for a teenage audience, but still such a waste of time and money. Within the horror genre, good acting is not necessary (although appreciated). The performances here were so over the top and forgettable. The chills and scares were practically absent. You don't get to see much at all. I guess they kept the "shocking" scene for last, but for a more experienced horror viewer it didn't shock at all. It got so boring at some point I had to fast forward to see the finale, out of pure curiosity. Still a disappointment. If you're into the genre, just avoid this one.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 2 / 10

Ball of Confusion

"Satanic" is the latest movie that falls into the "dumb teenagers do dumb things and die" genre. I caught this one On Demand last evening. I am glad I at lest was able to save some money by not going to see it at the "movies."

Sarah Hyland (Haley of TVs "Modern Family") plays Chloe. She and three of her friends are on their way to Coachella, but for some stupid reason, they decide to stop off in L. A. to search for "satanic" stuff. As I have already pointed out, they manage to make one stupid decision after another until mayhem finally ensues.

I did not care for this movie at all, and it was only its production values that helped it garner a "2" rating instead of the "1" it probably deserves. I have watched horror movies for decades and know some plot twists and situations you just have to accept and move on. The trouble with "Satanic" is the viewer never really knows what's going on because NOTHING is ever explained. Because the writers never bothered to think their idea(s) through, all you get is one jumbled mess after another of scenes in a movie that goes nowhere. They did manage to give us one the most despised characters ever put on screen. I wanted him to die as soon as he opened his mouth.

The movie is rated "R" for one graphic throat cutting and language.

Reviewed by mjsreg 6 / 10

Not a bad movie and a bit different

Seeing the ratings on IMDb I wondered why the ratings for this movie were so low.

It is not a bad movie by any means.

I wouldn't say it is going to win any prizes for originality or any spectacular productions value - but it is watchable.

Most of the characters are well acted, the production is good, and the story isn't bad.

The story could have been told with a bit more depth and I felt that some parts that could have been explored were just left hanging - which did detract from the quality of the story telling somewhat.

I think the ending could have been more engaging and done better too.

Overall I would say its one to watch if you are in the mood for a bit of light horror.

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