Saw II


Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 197072


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Dina Meyer as Detective Allison Kerry
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison Corday
Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
Donnie Wahlberg as Eric Matthews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Plumberduck 6 / 10

A few nice ideas dulled by a lot of stupidity

I have the same main problem I had with Saw II that I had with the original (Shockingly enough, not the gaping plot holes). At the core, both movies are about the same thing: Elaborate puzzles that stupid people ignore so they can spend more time yelling at each other.

I really wanted to like Saw II, but I felt like I was being teased. I catch a whiff of interesting puzzle-solving, instead I have a lot of yelling.

It's a personal preference, I know. The movie I wanted to see was about people adapting to their situation and using their brains against that of an evil genius. Instead, I got the evil genius (Tobin Bell is great as Jigsaw, by the way, one of the parts of the film I really enjoyed) going to a lot of work for some people who, frankly, don't seem to appreciate it. The creators seemed to want to make a film about how people's lives are dictated by their unavoidable flaws (driven home by the ending, the last few twists, and the general character of the cop, all of which are the reason my rating is as high as it is), and how panic destroys people.

And the horror... isn't. I don't find blood scary. There are some *shocking* moments in this film, some cringe-inducing moments, but nothing actually scary. That really disappointed me, because Adam's capture in Saw I was one of the scarier scenes I've seen in a movie in a long time. There's nothing for people who actually want to be scared here, just grossed out.

Reviewed by pirateonweekends 4 / 10


OK, if you've already seen the first one, you will be absolutely disappointed. it in no way lives up to the first one at all. first of all, saw was great because it was two kids on a low budget writing a script. they had to make up for the lack of money with the plot and script. secondly, the plot was really good and thick and everyone was connected in some odd way. the ending had so many twists, it was just brilliant. OK, now for saw 2. they had more money, so they definitely used it. instead of the people being in one room, it was one huge house. having more money took away from the effect, and most definitely the script, the plot and the acting. the plot had an unbelievable amount of holes in it. the people were connected by one stupid little line and the ending was absolutely ridiculous. one of the characters is just a complete idiot and decides to just get mad about everything. so, when he finds out there are numbers on the back of people's necks, instead of just kindly asking them to turn around, he kills them! finally, someone points out that he has a number on the back of his head that he's going to need, so he can't kill everyone. first of all, he tries seeing it with his little knife, then he decides to just cut it off, as any logical person would do. then, the murderer, john some how came up with a lot of money between dr gordon and now. before hand, his technique was simple. the tools he used to murder people could be found at a yardsale. in this one, somehow he got surgical equipment, the brains to do surgery and about five places with 20 computers. at some point in time, the writers seemed to have decided that it didn't matter that he had cancer, he can still do all this stuff. however, when you see him, he's in pretty bad shape. OK, now for the ending. remember the changed druggy, amanda? well, apparently, after she was almost killed, she decided the entire idea was a good one. so, she comes to john as an apprentice and decides to take his place as jigsaw. john becomes her yoda and teaches her the way of murder. at the end of saw 1, john had the memorable line of "GAME OVER". it was so great because of his voice, his appearance, everything. at the end of saw 2, amanda comes in, looking like she just went shopping and got her hair done and put on make up, and in a very little girl voice says "game over". absolutely horrible.

Reviewed by stupidmunk 8 / 10

Too Gory for Popcorn

This movie has just mad a quantum leap in horror films. after watching this movie i had the chills walking to my car, and lets say that i more than enjoy a scary movie. this movie kept me up for at least and hour after watching it. it was one of those movies were you cant let it out of your mind.

The movie had one of the best openings that i have seen in a long time. after a few minutes into the movie i had to put down my popcorn. i don't have a weak stomach and this movie got me to put down my popcorn, that is huge.

With a great blend of suspense, acting, and oh yes there was a lot of blood. this movie great deserves another watch, i would pay to see this movie a couple of times. not to mention one of the best twists i have seen in a movie. i would say 2nd best ending i have seen in a movie.(#1 was Fight Club). you definitely have to see this movie.

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