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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeff hayes ( 10 / 10

Creepy, Atmospheric, great special effects, and one hell of a horror movie!!

SCARECROWS is one of those films that never seemed to get much recognition when it came out, yet it is one of the best horror movies ever made!! A group of bank-robbers must land their hijacked cargo plane in a deserted cornfield out in the middle of nowhere when one member of their group (Burt) greedily parachutes out of the plane with the stolen money. Unfortunately Burt must find where the money landed amidst the giant cornfield and get away before the rest of his angry group track him down...but that's only half the problem! The other problem is that unbeknownst to Burt and the rest of the robbers is that somewhere lurking around in the fields are some of the scariest looking scarecrows in motion picture history and they're not just hanging around! They're out for Blood! But with so many scarecrows hanging around throughout the fields, how do you know which ones are alive and which ones are not? As Burt and the rest of the robbers begin to discover that something supernatural is possessing these cornfields, they're in for the Fright of their lives (and deaths) as they become hunted throught the dark night fields! This film is incredible! The scarecrows are some of the scariest looking Movie Monsters ever created! The special effects are both Gruesome, realistic, and amazing! The movie is very suspenseful and atmospheric. The haunted cornfield sets for one hell of a creepy mood and the supernatural story will keep you on the edge of your seat. If You are looking for a truly frightening and wonderful horror film that you may have missed the first time around, Look No Further...SCARECROWS is one hell of a ride!!!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Totally overlooked and creepy horror flick!

After robbing an army payroll,the thieves escape in a stolen plane,taking the pilot and his daughter as hostages.While flying away,one of the robbers dives out of a plane with all the money.He lands on a small farm house with a large corn field and strange looking scarecrows all over it,hanging on crosses.He steals an old truck and begins to escape through the large corn field.But the other robbers land the plane to go after him and the money.Soon they are all murdered by evil scarecrows.This is surely one of my favourite horror movies.It is loaded with some eerie and creepy shots of the woods and the scarecrows hanging on crosses.There is also some gore and the makeup effects made by Norman Cabrera("Fright Night 2")are extremely well-done.The killings are brutal,especially the scene when one robber is stabbed in his face.If you like the gory stuff,you'll love this one.Highly recommended.

Reviewed by frobrousa 7 / 10

The best non-zombie horror discovery I've ever made

"Scarecrows" is great. The action starts immediately and doesn't let up; the atmosphere is dark and creepy; the special effects are good. But best of all is the fact that the plot retains a sense of mystery. The only people on the farm are the bandits trying to retrieve their money. There aren't any crotchety old crones who relate the supernatural history of the farm via soft-focus flashback, the way so many movies do. No. Instead we are given a
few clues as the bandits explore the farmhouse, and that's it. We see a photo of the farmers. We wonder where are they now; what happened to them. But that's all. There's too much creepiness going on to worry about the past. There's too much creepiness going on to remain on the farm. Forget the money. And that's part of the fun too--shouting at the television screen, trying to convince the characters to get the hell out of there.

This movie is fun, bizarre, and the supernaturally inexplicable unfoldings will freak you out.

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