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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 5 / 10

A Showcase of Acting, But Not Much Else

A romantic weekend turns horrific and sadistic when Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord)discovers her boyfriend (Billy Zane) is having an affair with her best friend (Viva Bianca).

If you are looking for a film about a kidnapper who tortures her victims for perceived wrongdoing, you will be better off with "Misery" (referenced here) or "Death and the Maiden". Despite a decent cast (I never tire of seeing Billy Zane), this plot is just not all that special and comes across as disposable -- despite a strange subplot / twist relating to a nearby prison...

In fact, this film probably deserves a 3 out of 10, but I cannot bring myself to do that because of one thing: AnnaLynne McCord. I loved her in "Excision", and now she has returned better than before. Some people do a good job playing crazy, and some (Jack Nicholson) are born for it. McCord may be in this category. A terrible film, yes, but an Oscar-worthy performance. If she gets the right roles, we may not have seen the last of her yet...

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10

It's a dark comedy!

Rich love-rat Kevin (Billy Zane) cheats on his girlfriend Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord) with her sexy BFF Jennifer (Viva Bianca). When Sadie rumbles the infidelity (after finding saucy text messages on Kevin's cellphone) she decides to teach the naughty pair a lesson they won't forget.

Halfway through Scorned and I was about to write the film off as a total failure, when I suddenly realised that the ridiculous script and overblown performances were intentional: I was actually watching a dark comedy! I guess the fact that I couldn't discern the film's intended nature for quite some time still makes it something of a failure, but after my epiphany, the rest of the movie proved far more bearable, with AnnaLynne McCord's performance being a master-class in OTT cinematic craziness.

With Sadie prancing around in her panties, sexy Jennifer showing us exactly how she managed to turn Kevin's head, some reasonably sadistic violence (including a nasty hobbling scene inspired by Misery), and the hilarious sight of an escaped convict, tattooed over his entire face, thumbing a lift in the rain, Scorned actually proved to be a reasonably fun way to waste some time. While not the finest title on Billy Zane's filmography, it's not the biggest embarrassment on it either (there are so many to choose from).

Reviewed by Jay Luster 7 / 10

Scorned is a wonderful dark comedy

Mark Jones (Leprechaun) & Sadie Katz (House of Bad) have put together a really fun dark comedy.

The premise is simple, a pair of love birds head out for a romantic weekend but the plans are derailed when the boyfriend(Billy Zane) is found out to be a cheater. The girlfriend (AnnaLynne McCord) learns of the situation and becomes unglued and then the fun begins.

Many of Mark Jones films feature malevolent midget monsters but with Scorned Jones & Katz have created the monster girlfriend that every man should rightfully fear.

The movie is worth seeing just to watch AnnaLynne McCord (90210, Dallas) ratchet up the crazy!!!

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