Scream and Scream Again


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Christopher Lee as Fremont
Vincent Price as Dr. Browning
Peter Cushing as Major Heinrich Benedek
Peter Sallis as Schweitz

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silversprdave ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Great atmosphere, great plot, fair otherwise

'Scream and Scream Again' is one of my favorites, even though it is ratherly poorly put together. The director tried to make the movie mysterious -- and succeeded too well, making it nearly incomprehensible. However, if you have patience, the final explanation at the end will tie enough of the film together to make rewarding sense.

The main attraction for this movie is its subtle atmosphere of horror. The movie mainly consists of fragmented images that come to gether to paint a darker picture than just what the movie shows. A good example of the texture and flavor of the film is the scene which, to my disappointment, was removed from the version I rented (I originally saw the film in a college Halloween movie festival). A coroner while alone investigating the death of a lovely women begins to move forward as if to kiss the corpse but is interrupted by the inspector entering the room. The surprised coroner quickly straightens up and tries to look very official and busy, but obviously is upset at having almost been caught being amorous to the corpse. No further reference was made to the scene.

This is an example of the extremely dark and upsetting images that lie just beneath the surface of the film. It is unfortunate that the director's attempt to involve the audience by making them work hard to piece together fragments of action into something comprehensible was mostly unsuccessful. Still, I think the film is worth the patience. My rating: 8 of 10.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 7 / 10

"That bloody chicken wasn't killed, it died of old age."

What a bizarre movie! Scream and Scream Again is all over the place. It's a combination horror/sci-fi/mystery/espionage/thriller with sort of a James Bond twist. And it's a lot of fun.

To be honest, at the beginning of the film, I was lost. There are about four different plot lines that don't seem to have anything to do with each other. (1) There is a runner who collapses. Every time we see him after the collapse, he's in a hospital losing his limbs one at a time. (2) There is a vampire killer on the prowl in London. He attacks young women and drains them of their blood. (3) There are scenes of some fascist regime in some unknown country. The leaders of the regime are being killed one at a time. Also, people are being tortured for no apparent reason. (4) There are discussions going on in the uppermost levels of the British government that appear to have nothing to do with anything else. But, by the end of the film, most everything fits together quite nicely as a story about creating a master race.

Scream and Scream Again 'stars' Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing. I say 'stars' because Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are barely in the movie. In fact, Cushing has all of about 5 minutes of screen time. Alfred Marks as Supt.Bellaver is actually the star. He's a no nonsense policeman investigating the string of murders in London. In the end though, Price takes over and is wonderful. His mad doctor routine is terrific to watch.

There are some excellent moments in the film worth mentioning. The chase scene is one of the longest I've ever seen, ending with the killer losing a hand after being handcuffed to the front of a car. Another is the fight scene at the end between Vincent Price and leader of the fascists. There are also moments of tension as when the young doctor is snooping around Vincent Price's house.

This is a movie that you have to be patient with. Trust me, it all makes sense in the end.

Reviewed by ashew 2 / 10

The Ultimate Film Fraud!

Rarely have I been as frustrated as I was watching this film. It is as if the producers did everything possible to ruin every last aspect of this cinematic mess. I was utterly astounded by the high praise the film received in the dozen or so IMDb reviews I read before my stomach turned and I was compelled to rebut the praise. It appears that the movie industry has so completely lowered our levels of expectation that this garbage can be praised by so many people...and not only praised, but actually referred to by one reviewer as his favorite 60's horror film?! A most depressing concept to ponder.

This movie is a fraud on all accounts. Let's start with the top of the credits. Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing. Price has approximately three scenes in the movie (the bulk of which does not occur until the last 15 minutes), Lee has two full scenes and an appearance at the end of the movie, and Cushing has ONE measly scene in the beginning of the film and is then murdered!! To lead the public to believe that they are getting three titans of horror and then pull the rug out from underneath us is absolute fraud. Not frustrating...infuriating!

Fraud number two is trying to pretend that this is a horror film. There is very little horrific about this film, other than the level of quality. The stuff that is meant to be gruesome, or shocking, is completely undermined by bad directing, bad editing, and the most inappropriate soundtrack ever! The 60's Mod music is fine for the ridiculously over-long scenes in the club (which was pathetic pandering to "fool" young people they were watching a "hip and with-it" horror movie...all it does is come across as desperation by the film makers), but to have the upbeat, swingin' music running throughout the entire film eliminates ALL of the creepy atmosphere this film is so sorely lacking.

Fraud number three is that this is an exciting film, full of action. Nope. The small bits of action neither thrill, nor horrify. There is a painfully long and boring car chase scene in the middle of the film that looks childish, even by 1970 standards...especially since this movie was released well after the gut-wrenching thrill ride in 1968's BULLITT. The other "action" scene is the fight at the end between Price and the main bad guy, which was so completely fake in every regard that it was impossible to take seriously. Even the lame attempt to titillate the audience by showing the nude breasts of a female corpse and a female "creature" came across as cheap attempts to distract from all that was lacking. And the absurd use of the Shoulder Pinch as the means used by the bad guy to kill people was pathetic, and only served to remind the viewers how it had already been done better by Leonard Nimoy...SEVERAL years earlier.

The script is atrocious, the directing idiotic, the pacing erratic, the plot absurdly convoluted for no reason, the structure annoying, and most of the acting dreadful. Lee is okay in his minuscule part, even though he has the most ambiguous, nonsensical line to end the film, which I can only imagine was meant to set up a sequel if this mess had been a success. Price, who is normally one of my favorites, is not at his best here at all. And poor Peter Cushing, who is as brilliant as they come, was the only one in the "Mystery Country" who was speaking with a British accent when the others were speaking with German accents, yet calling each other "Comrade" (?!).

The ONLY bright spot in the film is Alfred Marks, who steals the entire movie (which is quite some feat when you have Price, Lee, and Cushing in the same film!) His portrayal was superb, and the wonderful touches of humor he added to the film were a great relief from the tedium.

I was going to give this film a 1, but have decided to give it a 2 strictly for Marks' performance. There is absolutely nothing else worth recommending about this confused, childish, boring, fraudulent film.

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