Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines


Action / Drama / War

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Tom Sizemore as Ricks
Dylan Edy as Amjad
Colin Moss as Dan
Tanya van Graan as Female Tech / Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peter-goldsworthy 6 / 10

Brilliant action scenes

I think some folk who have reviewed this flick in the past are judging it by storyline. I approach war / action /terrorism movies simply from the following ways: 1. Is there a sinister evil enemy that is believable and makes you despise them by the end? 2. Creative cinematography. Cmon we have all seen people shot in the head, there are very few gruesome scenes that have not been done before. Have to say there were a few in this (albeit unbelievable) that made me go wow. 3. Overall training of the actors. Do they look like soldiers, hold their gun as if they have been to boot camp. Thought Lex Shrapnel (what a name) was decent in this and others were strong characters.

This movie meets all of these critique elements and some. I definitely don't recommend this flick for people who are not in to saving private ryan, black hawk down etc. but for for those that do, this movie is a solid 6/10.

Reviewed by Dan Remi Eliassen 3 / 10

Not worth your time

I did not have any expectations when I first started to watch this movie, and I'm sure glad I didn't have any either, because this was not a movie that should have seen the light of day, the acting is really bad.

The supposedly SEALs does not act like I have a feeling SEALs should behave when they're taking fire and maneuvering. They just run around with guns blazing, killing tonnes and tonnes of bad guys. And guess what? The bad guys don't know how to shoot, at all. A little like Rambo, except it isn't.

The acting is really not that great, Tom Sizemore does not convince me, and brings little to the table. He's just walking around swearing a lot looking at a screen, and then he swears some more.

There was just one thing in the movie that made me happy, and that was a "Saving Private Ryan" reference, if you've seen that movie, you'll recognize it when you see it, if you actually decide to watch this.

Last but not least; This movie is FUBAR.

Reviewed by Sidath Liyanage 2 / 10

The people who approved this script should be ashamed.

I'm assuming this is what happens when a marginally okay director picks up a script from a special needs kid. It's not even a good idea for a charity project but what amazes me is how they got a halfway decent cast, and what seems to be a huge amount of funding and the backing of one of the largest Hollywood production studios all to produce this atrocity. Maybe Hollywood needs to stop for a moment and take a good look at itself. I am aware that there's "movies" out there that are worse, but non of them really irritated me like this one because they clearly had more resources than they deserve to make this pile of garbage.

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