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Krysten Ritter as Christy
Alison Brie as Elizabeth
Rosa Salazar as Pocahontas
T.J. Miller as Jason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Solomon 8 / 10

Under rated Worthy Comedy with an undeserved rating

I was looking for a good comedy over the weekend. Happened to come across this, I sort of liked the idea but then I looked at the rating it was given. That kind of put me off. However I still decided to watch it. I must say I was amazed.

Its a hilarious comedy, unpredictable in the are you high kind of way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and specifically wrote this review, my first one to let others know, the rating is deceptive, it has been for some reason underrated which this title does not deserve.

I have given it an 8. I think it deserves that.

If you are looking for a fun over the weekend unpredictable comedy for good laughs, this is it.

Reviewed by djmrmusic 5 / 10

Poor man's Hangover is EXACTLY Right....

Listen, I had a good solid beer buzz watching this, same as all the Hangover movies. The Hangover movies? I was busting up! THIS movie?!, well OK, I had a few laughs, I don't regret watching it while a bit on the drunk side, but it's really is just a piggy back kinda rip-off of the hangover movies... grab some brews... catch a buzz, you'll be somewhat entertained, but it's not brilliance, or comedic gold by any standard... it is what it is, an attempt to capitalize on the hangover movies...just really REALLY

what else can I say to make this long enough?!

get some brews first, it will be a bit funnier that way!

Reviewed by Raul Rodgers 1 / 10

Couldn't get past 1st half an hour.

Absolutely no believable chemistry among the cast. I didn't even laugh once after viewing the film for the 1st 25 minutes. The sad reality is the fact that I am actually a TJ Miller fan but this just did not work out and he could not command this cast or make me believe for once that what was happening could actually happen. The comedians who are actually funny in real life could not act for [email protected] in this film, pardon my French. The whole interaction between the actors was obviously uncomfortable and awkward. Jokes didn't land and although at points they tried to make certain situations realistically funny, it was not. The pool scene was not funny. They tried to make the situation realistic but it was horrible. Was this film ever screened to an audience, I highly doubt it. I don't know what favors were done for this film but it is so obvious that they just gave this film to TJ Miller and gave him powers and he gave his close comedian friends a break but they cannot gel. This was the complete opposite of The Hangover. This is basically a prime example of what not to do when trying to make a fun road adventure buddy film like The Hangover. Sad attempt. Very Very sad attempt.

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