Second in Command


Action / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 5535


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Jean-Claude Van Damme as Cmdr. Samuel 'Sam' Keenan
Julie Cox as Michelle Whitman
Monica Barladeanu as Dr. Johnson
Garrick Hagon as Secretary of State Richard Hammond
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdabomb17 10 / 10

Not a bad Van Damme flick

OK here4s the scoop, me and my friend always rent Van Damme films whenever they come out to DVD so we can have ourselves a good laugh while we are intoxicated. I saw this movie at my video store, giggled at the cover, and rented it. My goodness!!!!!!! For the first a long time, we found ourselves not laughing hysterically at a Van Damme movie. This movie has a pretty good story line that involves corruption and politics in a third world country. This movie has you guessing throughout, and it has a pretty descent ending. I gave this movie a 10 only because Jean Claude shocked me with this movie. Otherwise id give it a 7. Definitely worth the rental

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Van Damme helped by a group of Marines battle rebel communists in a far country

Jean-Claude Van Damme again as one army man , here he is an US commander assigned as second-in-command to the American Embassy in an Eastern European country called Moldavia . Then , communist rebels try a state coup . The official gets free the President and they take shelter into US Embassy nearly deserted that encounters itself under siege by violent insurgents . Meanwhile , Van Damme saves the damsel in disgrace, an enticing journalist (Julie Cox) and he along with a detachment of soldiers fight against nasty attackers which have surrounded the siege .

The picture packs noisy action , shoot-outs , explosions, politic intrigues and minimum characterization . It's exciting and tense , at time lackluster action film , but the blown ups , struggles , gun-play are well done in this routine actioner . The story is plenty of firepower , action packed , fights though is added an interesting politic suspense . Scott Adkins , who subsequently starred some film with Van Damme , was offered an important role but could not sign for it due to other commitments . Jean Claude Van Damme is fine as action hero in this middling budget film . Long time ago he played big budget movies (Time cop, Universal soldier, Double team , Hard target) , he nowadays makes low budget and directly to video (Derailed, Wake of death, In hell) like in his first films (Black eagle, Cyborg , Bloodsport). The film was well photographed by Douglas Milsone (Dungeons and dragons, Sunchaser, Body of evidence) in natural scenarios of Rumania though the coup détat was happened in Moldavia (ex-Republic of Russia) . The motion picture was professionally directed by Simon Fellows who directed a Wesley Snipes vehicle (7 seconds) and he recently directed ¨Until death¨ again with Jean Claude Van Damme . The film will appeal to action genre enthusiasts . Pointlessly energetic and occasionally fun for only the true devotee of main actor . It's a must see for Van Damme fans .

Reviewed by Phill Hornaday 8 / 10

Van Damme continues to impress me...

Everyone know's Jean Claude Van Damme has had his up's and down's in his career... Well, this is certainly one of his better film's with the recent Wake Of Death & In Hell being fantastic movies. Second In Command lived up to what I thought it was gonna be and better, Sam Keenan (Van Damme) gets put as Second In Command to the U.S. Ambassador and deal's with a gang of rebels/terrorists in a Eastern European Country while protecting there president. The action is non-stop from the beginning and Van Damme's acting is above average here. I HIGHLY recommend this film to any Van Damme fan it look's as if he is still trying to make a comeback and I believe with Til' Death & The Hard Corps on the rising he may actually accomplish it.

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