Secret in Their Eyes


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rik ruiz 1 / 10

The secret of disgrace and stupidity, "Monalisa by numbers"

The only sensible reason to watch this pathetic disaster is for the students of cinema, cinematography and everything related, and analysts (professional and amateurs) as a study. It is not first neither last time Hollywood butchered great script and created mockery of art. "Abre los ojos" and "Vanilla sky", "Solaris" (though if you never seen the Tarkowsky's original it may appear as not so bad) now the Campanella masterpiece. I can see his name in the credits, wow, is his financial situation so bad ? Was Juan Jose really part of this remake ? If so than this is sad indeed. There is no tension, no suspense and sorry to say it made me realise even more how outstanding was Soledad Villamil and Ricardo Darin. Shame that the non Spanish speaking world may never enjoy their outstanding films. Darin is probably one of the greatest actors of our times. What they created in the original film was amazing. "El secreto de sus ojos" was a revelation to me, watched it several times and after that all the films of Juan Jose Campanella and of Ricardo Darin, that film opened to me the fascinating world of Argentinian cinema. This thing, reminds me of old recipe from the pop music world "simplify then exaggerate". Another Hollywood fail

Reviewed by James De Bello 5 / 10


If you haven't seen "El Segreto de sus ojos" I beg you to stop reading and go check it out, it is, in my opinion, one of those rare and pure thrillers that keeps you glued to the screen for two hours. Yet, despite loving the original, I wasn't going into this one ready to bitch about it. I am someone who is very sniffy about remakes, but hey if you have an fascinating premise that can be explored through various styles and dynamics I am all for it. Especially in this case, I think that keeping some of the core material and turning other parts completely around could have made for a fascinating narrative, unfortunately the American remake, with the exception of maybe two or three ides, doesn't improve, explore or further the original in anyway and sometimes even edges the shot-by-shot remake treatment.

Look, this isn't a terrible thriller, but the emotional beats you are carried through are just the same of the original, it really seemed to be watching a cheap version of it. It is way too reminiscent of the original and at some moments I really felt exactly when I saw it. Whilst at other moments I kind of felt sorry for the remake because it doesn't manage to replicate some of the amazing photography the first one had and actually miserably fails: this film has some really, noticeably cheap cinematography and editing.

The performances are all kind of off beat. Julia Roberts is definitely the best one, even though she also has some low points. The rest of the cast is just flat honestly. Nobody even tries to come in and give it some palpable passion. The film is also inconsistent with tone and I am not sure they understood the fascination of the original because a lot of the focus points are just sidelined or shoehorned in.

That's also a real bummer, because the film does have just a couple of good ideas that aren't simply built on. They tread too much of the same ground and do it in a way that is simply too familiar. I can maybe think of one thing that was improved upon and that is mainly thanks to Julia Roberts' talent. The score is something that positively sticks out and probably the purest good thing to come out of the film.

In the end we are treated to a fine thriller that doesn't live up to its potential and only manages to justify its length thanks to memories of the original and the same emotions instead of relevant improvement and originality.

Reviewed by BigSoulDiva 4 / 10

Flop In Their Eyes

Secret In Their Eyes is a movie that will break your heart for what it could have been. The best part is the cast. Julia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Nicole Kidman have garnered attention for their presence, but we also have doing supporting duties Dean Norris, and Michael Kelly. The film opens with the brutal death of Jess's daughter. The moment Jess finds her daughter and the inexplicable grief that follows is a shattering and powerful moment. The prosecution and how justice will be parceled out to a police officer, a country, and ultimately a parent is the crux of Billy Ray's third directorial effort. This case which transcends from 2002 to 2015 fails to find its center through a milquetoast romance between the characters of Ray and Claire. The unrequited love and smoldering passion these two are supposed to feel is not there, and the film falls through the center. Kidman never settles fully into her role. Kidman, who excels in more offbeat work, becomes a stoic non-entity in the film. Ray does not adequately structure the transitions between time periods, nor do the actors convey any change in demeanor and attitude to assist the audience. This lack of emotional tension restricts the audience into a state of indifference the film does not have the quality or tension to transcend.

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