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Ryan Reynolds as Young Damian
Matthew Goode as Albright
Natalie Martinez as Madeline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rowanstyle1 9 / 10

Very Underrated

Even know this movie might not seem amazing to most people now, I can guarantee that in about a decade or even less, the movie will gain a following and it will be big! Absolutely great! We need more movies not based on any books, comics, movies, games, anything, just original ideas is what we need! This is a fantastic film! There are a few flaws in it though, but I do not want to spoil the film. Ryan Reynolds gives a very good performance in the movie, Ben Kingsley also does, everyone gives a good performance except whoever played the mom. Just wait, there will be a following for this film, there will be t-shirts and merch for this movie years from now when more people are seeing it, it should not have been released in Summer, where it is going to get killed, should have came out in September or October.

Reviewed by DarkVulcan29 ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Face/Off meets Limitless

Damian(Ben Kingsley) a self made billionaire discovers he is dying, and does have much longer to live, discovers a secret facility that can transfer his soul into a younger body(Ryan Reynolds), when the transfer is a success, Damian really begins to enjoy his new life in his new body, but soon realizes that his new life will have a price to pay.

I'm surprised that I liked this, I went expecting this to be bad, but I was amazed on how intriguing it kept me. It shows on we deal with dying and immortality, and things we must learn to face in life. Ben Kingsley was good, and Ryan Reynolds really surprised me. Matthew Goode was incredible. It does have some good action scenes, and great sci-fi element. Everybody gives a good performance here, and it does what sci-fi should do, kept you intrigue.

Reviewed by stevepat99 9 / 10

Mind swapping thrills n' chills FUN!

This IMDb synopsis is accurate and a good starting point: Billionaire Damian Hale has terminal cancer. He turns to a radical medical procedure called "shedding," in which his consciousness is transferred to a healthy body. After the procedure, Damian, now called Edward, starts a new life in New Orleans but is plagued by disturbing images. When he delves into Edward's mysterious origin, he learns that some will kill to keep it secret.

My buddy and I, both long time film buffs of multi-genres yearn for decent sci-fi thrillers that are well written and directed, leave us guessing here and there via plot twists and turns, includes necessary action, murder and mayhem and a credible Mr. Evil. This film delivers 116 minutes of story, acting, production value and pure cinema sci-fi thrilling FUN.

We were both thumbs-up entertained by one of Ryan Reynolds best efforts plus a fine supporting cast including Mr. Evil (Albright). Our usual post film discussion of plot holes was minimal given the original, well crafted screenplay. That is not to say we did not suspend belief as is the case with many of our best action/Sci-Fi films. A major section of the film, with some of its best action sequences, reminded me of my favorite scenes in Bourne Legacy.

With all the above said there was yet room for disturbed, romantic relationships and one cute kid spitting out all her needed lines.

Production value gives us some fun shots of New Orleans, area mansions and a finale 'home' in a spectacular locale.

There have been so many mind invasion/transfer films that our expectations for something original with thrills, excitement and pathos were low. We left the theater smiling for the simple reason that we were both thoroughly entertained.

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