Send Me No Flowers


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance


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Doris Day as Judy Kimball
Rock Hudson as George Pemberton Kimball
Paul Lynde as Mr. Akins
Clint Walker as Bert Power
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LP Spurlock (lpspurlock) 10 / 10

Classic Comedy

I caught this film one day and I was not disappointed at all. Rock Hudson believes that he is dying and wants to make sure his wife (played by Doris Day) will be fine after he passes away. Tony Randall plays their friend and neighbor who gets involved in the ordeal, making this film a great laughfest. The way everything carries along is great, and once again Rock and Doris make an exceptional couple. As for trio wise, I would definitely have to say that they are my favorite trio ever.. this movie along with "Pillow Talk" are my favorite older comedies!

Reviewed by aesgaard41 7 / 10

Thanks Jed, Thanks Granny, Thanks Jethro

Admittedly, I would have never seen a Rock Hudson picture if I hadn't seen a clip from this movie of Hudson in a wheelchair rolling out his backdoor, bouncing off a mattress and rolling back into Doris Day on "The Beverly Hillbillies." Determined to see the whole of this movie based on that one funny scene, I got myself a copy of this movie and loved it ! Hudson plays a hypochondriac who mistakenly believes he is dying. Trying to set up his wife played by Doris Day for after he is gone, he sets off one horrendous fight that looks like a comic version of "War of the Roses." Tony Randall has the Danny DeVito role in this comedy that also stars Paul Lynde in one of his best roles next to Uncle Arthur on "Bewitched" and Edward Andrews, a great actor of the Sixties whose first name is almost an anagram of his last. The movie is fast, furious and enjoyable, but mildly dated for it's times. While the times may have changed, the humor basicly has stayed the same.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Mr.&Mrs. Suburbia

For the last film of Rock Hudson-Doris Day-Tony Randall, Rock and Doris are already married so it's not like Rock is in hot pursuit of our all American virginal goddess. Instead they seem like a typical suburban couple of the early sixties except for one problem, Rock is an obsessive compulsive hypochondriac.

Another visit to Edward Andrews the doctor and a big misunderstanding convince Rock he's a terminal case and he starts making preparations both to meet his Maker and make sure about Doris who he leaves behind. That causes all kinds of funny situations that Rock and Doris muddle through with the fumbling help of a lot of people.

Hudson and Day did three films together and by rights they should be listed as a trio with Tony Randall because he was in all three of the films and added so much to them as Hudson's comic foil. Of course this was in the day much before he became TV's most famous fuss budget, Felix Unger. Still you can see traces of Felix in all three of Randall's roles with Rock and Doris.

Send Me No Flowers is the weakest of the three comedies I feel because the Hudson-Day team works so much better with Rock trying to grab a little nookie from Doris and getting hooked for his troubles. Still the film has some really nice moments. All three of their films were well cast with some of the best supporting players around.

My favorite in Send Me No Flowers is Paul Lynde as the cemetery director who just loves his job. He has two scenes, one with Rock buying a cemetery plot and a second with Doris where he inadvertently solves the problems Rock's hypochondria works them into.

Rock and Doris surely made one wonderful movie screen team.

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