Shark Lake


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Dolph Lundgren as Clint Gray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dan Harden 1 / 10

Swimming with the fishes

In movies, we've seen Sharks deep underwater, we've seen sharks on beaches, we've even seen sharks in a God damn tornado not once, but 4 times. And now, we have Sharks in a lake? Shark Lake is a Dolph Lundgren B movie that fails in every single way you can possibly imagine. Now, where to begin? Firstly, the film is really dumb and cringe worthy, and not in a fun way. For example, this character called Peter is introduced to us as a guy with a PhD... Yet he has to ask the lead is they are a cop when they are IN UNIFORM WITH A PATCH ON HER SHOLUDER SAYING "SHERRIFF DEPT". That is just one of the many straight up idiotic moments in this terrible movie.

This film is unintentionally funny in everything it attempts. Whether its is the sheer patheticness of the old lady at the first attack, or the jet ski collision from outta nowhere, or every moment the shark is on screen. There is one shot I found hilarious where the camera has a birds eye view of the water as if to show how big the killer shark is.... And then this tiny little shark silhouette appears under the water. My god this film is funny for all the wrong reasons.

Being a B movie, the film isn't going to have a lot of money to work with, and you really feel it in this film. The sound is poor as well as the lighting at times. Some scenes are too dark and the police lights at the start of the film are so intense, they could possibly trigger an epileptic fit. But I'm not a doctor so don't take my word on that. The film also doesn't contain Dolph Lundgren much at all. It's not that its a bad thing, it's just that the films lead just doesn't do anything in this film and is almost misleading if you think you are going to get 90 minutes of Dolph vs Shark because you get about 2 minutes probably. But wait there's more, the script is also bad. The characters aren't likable, for example the real lead in this film, Hernandez, is a terrible cop and a finger pointer when it comes to blame (well only to Dolph Lundgren).

Speacking of a terrible script, Dolph 's story with the mob boss guy gets completely forgotten about. The guy more or less comes in and says "get my shark or my money or I kill you daughter" and the next time you see him is in the back of some car ( A police car? I don't know the framing didn't reveal that) and Dolph makes a comment and boom its all happily ever after... It's like the writers literally forgot about this part of the story and so squeezed it into the ending. Like seriously?

Overall, Shark Lake is a unintentionally hilarious Dolph Lundgren B movie. The film is of the quality you would expect of B, C, D all the way through to Z movies. One thing still bugs me about this film... What is the third thing that all living things do? Like, Peter with the Phd says there are 3 things... And then only lists 2 things... So what's the third thing? Anyway this film is not good and I don't know what the point was with it. Porr Dolph is left swimming with the fishes with this one.

Reviewed by jackstupidjack 3 / 10

Poor Dolph....

When he was in his heyday in the mid to late 1980s, with a Bond and a Rocky smash behind him, it must have seemed to Lundgren that he would wind up in the 'Stallone/Schwarzenegger' bracket with strings of mega smash box office hits and multi million dollar contracts. Sadly for him, it didn't quite pan out that way with a stream of dreadful B movies coming his way instead from studios desperate to get a smash on their hands. If I were him I'd be looking to dish out a Drago style beating to my handlers for landing me a load of crappy roles in films with 'The XXXXX' in the title... A plus for him is that he isn't the worse performer in this pile of doo doo, which must be the dreadful female lead. The film is surprisingly good fun with all the silliness, cheese, and dreadful acting and ludicrous scripting you'd expect. The cinematography is also worth a mention, some of the nature shots are quite stunning. Harmless inoffensive twaddle at best.

Reviewed by s3276169 3 / 10

B without the bite.....

Shark Lake is a B grade flick without the bite found in mainstream films like Jaws.

This film relies too much on munch-able eye candy in the form of scantily clad men and women, where a proper storyline, lots of action and accompanying quality creature effects, would have taken it so much further.

The acting ranges from average through to awful. This film would have been much better, for example, without the fake English shark hunter. A clichéd characterization that would make any real Brit wince.

So is there any basis on which on recommend Shark Lake? Well, its not utterly dreadful but its action scenes are so watered down (pardon the pun), that what should have been the driving force, in a film of this kind, is mostly absent. Three out of ten from me.

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