Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Traci Lords as Detective Kendra Patterson
Christine Nguyen as Michelle Alika
Cindy Lucas as Anita Conners
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgdptech 9 / 10


Well, since everything that needed to be said about this movie has already been written about by one of the Top 500 Commenters on Amazon, then I'll just add my bit to it. (While it was a highly entertaining and excellent work of art, achievable only by the most experienced Shark Trainers in the World, just imagine how difficult it must be to train the sharks to burrow through sand and swim in less than a foot of water, and what kind of treats could they possibly be giving the sharks to entice them to perform so admirably, but at the same time not eat the Cameramen, Lighting and Sound Technicians). Just some "SARCASM" here to lighten the mood. Hope you enjoyed my Bit.

Reviewed by Uriah43 4 / 10

Prehistoric Sharks that Can Move About on Land and Water

This film is rather unique in that it combines the horror of a "shark movie" with the implicit sexuality of a "Woman-in-Prison" film while maintaining a made-for-television format. To that effect there isn't much gore, sex or nudity. However, there are a number of attractive actresses and plenty of action to keep things interesting for the most part. I especially liked the presence of Dominique Swain (as "Honey") and Christine Nguyen ("Michelle Alika") but there were several other young ladies that certainly brightened the scenery as well. On the other hand, the special effects were quite bad and the ridiculous plot involving prehistoric sharks that are able to move about on both land and water certainly didn't help this film overcome its low-budget nature to any degree. But let's face it, this movie was never intended to win an Academy Award in the first place. That being said, although I doubt most viewers will probably enjoy this particular picture, I found it somewhat entertaining--in spite of its rather obvious flaws--and for that reason I have rated it a bit higher than it might deserve. Slightly below average.

Reviewed by shawnl1970 6 / 10

So bad it's good :)

This is awesome, everything a good b grade movie should be except for being surprisingly low on gratuitous nudity given the subject matter.

Underrated movie methinks, i'd have it at least 2-3 rating points higher than jurassic world, i mean it's sh*t and ridiculous but at least it knows it's sh*t and ridiculous and doesn't pretend it isn't and didn't cost the GDP of a small nation to make.

The CGI is an embarrassment but that's OK cause you're too busy laughing at this movie jumping the shark by introducing us to prehistoric amphibious land sharks, the acting is a little better than horrendous which suits the tone of the movie perfectly.

There wasn't a great deal of logic or sanity in the making of this film, someone just said f*ck it i wanna make a movie about prehistoric sharks that are somehow also capable of swimming through land (no, i am serious really you need to watch this) and have them eat all these prison porn stars that are on the most ridiculous work release program ever.

Highly recommend :D

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