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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trevorwomble 8 / 10

Shaun the Sheep - a film that the whole family will enjoy

I considered Aardmans last stop motion effort 'Pirates - in an adventures with scientists' to be a bit of a let down when it was released three years ago and wondered if they had gone off the boil a little bit by trying to appeal to the mass market and thus diluting their witty humour as a result. However after 80 odd minutes of Shaun the Sheep I am happy to report that they are back on track.

Shaun is extremely well animated and manages to keep the story ticking along and funny enough to keep your interest without really feeling stretched. Considering as the film has no real dialogue to speak of that is no mean feat, and is reliant on top notch production design, expressive animation and a script that is entertaining and funny without being overly ridiculous. Whilst the Shaun the Sheep/Timmy Time TV shorts are aimed at young viewers, there is a decent amount of underlying humour here that adults will also engage with and thus it doesn't insult your intelligence the way some films do.

After Aardmans infamous falling out with DreamWorks (who wanted them to Americanize Wallace & Gromit) I did wonder if Aardman had sold out for the mass market after feeling the Sony Pictures distributed Pirates had a whiff of compromise to it, and that's partly why I felt Pirates fell a bit flat. However Aardman have teamed up with an independent European distributor for Shaun and as a result it seems they were allowed to make the film they wanted to make this time round. In effect I was not disappointed with Shaun, the simple but hilarious premise of the TV show is expanded successfully to the big screen with no noticeable compromises for the mass market. That the film is also dialogue free should make it an easy sell abroad too and I'm glad to see the film has been well received.

So well done to Aardman for making one of 2015's most enjoyable, entertaining and amusing films so far.

Reviewed by Kieran Battams 7 / 10

Baa-rilliant Fun

Excuse the pun in the title, i had to do it because this latest Aardman outing isn't a baaad film at all (sorry :P).

I am a huge fan of stop-motion, the way these types of films are animated fascinate me. I grew up loving Wallace and Gromit and I always loved the character of Shaun The Sheep so I was looking forward to this in some ways, although I wasn't sure the character could carry a film by himself but not to worry because he really can!

This type of film has been seen a lot, a group of characters end up in a situation that isn't within their comfort zone, in this case from farm to city. It isn't an original plot sure but it is handled so well that i was entertained throughout. The start was beginning to be a little slow, but started off so well that by the time it started to drag and feel slow something else happened which made the film entertaining again. From the moment the farmer ends up in the big city the jokes fly at you and these are as much for adults than they are for kids. I found myself laughing waaay more than i expected. Very simple jokes and laughs, but in a way that worked almost flawlessly. And this was all handled with no dialogue whatsoever, only the occasional baa or mumble from the human characters.

I highly recommend this to anybody who is looking for a film that will entertain the whole family and if you are planning on seeing Fifty Shades of Grey over this then don't.. you will be wasting your time. At 85 minutes this is the perfect length to keep young ones entertained and also before any of the jokes got stale or before interest is lost. A very simple and very English feeling film that left me feeling great. I hope to see more stop-motion animated films because I am a huge fan of these and this one looks absolutely beautiful. I hope this gets a nomination for best animated picture just for the style because i would back it up all the way. You will not regret seeing this one i promise

Reviewed by martinyfelix 10 / 10

A gift for the fans.

I never ever go to the cinema (I rather wait for the Blu-ray to be released and just paying once but yet I went to London from Spain just to see this movie. I didn't wanna wait for it to be released here.

Shaun the Sheep is a brilliant TV show so when I found out a movie was being made I was totally thrilled. Even though going from the 7-minute episode to a full length movie was a big step, I was confident in Aardman to made the transition easily. They didn't disappoint. First, let me say that I love stop-motion; it's such an "intimate" technique due to the fact that you always have to literally be on top of the character to change it every time he makes the slightest movement. But not only is the technique beautiful, the story doesn't disappoint either. This doesn't feel like a dragged out episode of the show, it feels like a story that goes beyond the usual surroundings of the show while still maintaining how everything works. This movie made me laugh a lot. If there's something that Shaun the Sheep always achieved was the ability to create humor of the most simplest situations. But I also cried a lot. Tears of sadness and happiness. And truthfully, I never expected Shaun the Sheep to reach me so deeply. There's a scene where you can see so much pain in Shaun eyes. And that's just clay! My God, congratulations to whoever did that, it was so moving. And I also had a sweet spot about Slip, the dog that Shaun meets early in the movie and come along for the adventure. She was a new character but she felt like and old member of the gang.

I haven't enjoyed a movie so much in a long time. And I haven't felt so many thing with a movie in a long time either. So thank you, Aardman, for giving a fan such a great gift.

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