Shock Wave


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 869


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Andy Lau as Cheung J.S.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BasicLogic 7 / 10

Not bad, but there are two huge flaws:


When Cheung J.S. played by Andy Lau was shot in the tunnel, it was a very bad wound on one of his legs. Normally, if a guy was shot with a high caliber bullet, the bleeding if not treated by an immediate temporary Tourniquet to stop, the bleeding would not be stopped, the gravity would also play a critical factor; furthermore, if possible, the gunshot wounded leg should be raised higher than the heart to help decreasing the blood pumping out.

When this guy was first shot, he cursed and immediately started limping, then miraculously, he suddenly seemed to recover from the gunshot wound and dashed, zigzagged through the tunnel like nothing happened for a very long distance, then like Andy Lau suddenly realized he should play a wounded guy, he suddenly became limping again. At that moment, we all reacted and cried out: "WTF?!!?"

No. 2

If the movie ended either when the bomb finally inevitably exploded (a bit tipping to the spoiler side?), the firestorm rushed through the tunnel, then it would be perfect. Or, the 2nd better ending like this:

When his lover received his final word (which somehow was another completely ridiculous impossibility), she burst into tears...and the movie just ended there. This ending is not as good as the first one.

But the stupid director and the editor just couldn't let go of it at the right moment, they spent more money on several totally unnecessary scenes, such as the Chief of Police announcing the death toll numbers of the victims, then even became stupider to have a scene of the police funeral ceremony. This is what I must say here: "STUPID!!"

Reviewed by phanthinga 7 / 10

Best Andy Lau movie in a long time

Andy Lau is one of my favorite actor from Hong Kong cinema in every movie no matter he staring in lead role or supporting role he always give 100% and with this movie Shock Wave he proving one again he still on top of the game.Directed by Herman Yau also one of my favorite director Shock Wave is a action crime movie about a brave bomb disposal officer try to stop a group of terrorist that take over a underground tunnel.All the performance in this movie is good mostly about Andy Lau character and the movie direction.I have so much fun thought out this movie,it never have a dull moment,the tension always high and the action scene is very clear and awesome.Some minus point is the romance is very rush and the main villain is pretty disappointing.

Reviewed by qinree 6 / 10

another dull movie

An explosion destroyed the happy ending.

The rare ending setting didn't make the movie get impressive, for most of settings were so dull, even boring. That's why I give it 6/10.

The storyline of heroine is weak and puzzling, and she was always divorced from the main line. To force the emotional part into the movie is unwise. But I believe the original scipt didn't have a heroine, for making the movie be a co-production to cater to policies, they found her and added her into the story.

Audiences get into the cinema for getting something, while the movie are lack of high-point, tear-point, or nervous point. Nothing, but dull and far-fetched plots, sudden character changes, and so on.

A good movie should have power to let people remember it.

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