Shock Waves


Action / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
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Peter Cushing as SS Commander
Brooke Adams as Rose
John Carradine as Captain Ben Morris
Luke Halpin as Keith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Scarry as hell!

I rented this film a few years ago strictly because I was a fan of Peter Cushing. I thought "Hm - Underwater Nazi Zombies? This should be fun." I had a mental image of Cushing running around in some green velvet Victorian jacket and a full head of hair opening cages and sending zombies off to do his bidding. Boy was I wrong. I got a grainy, dark, brooding little 70s movie that kept me looking over my shoulder. Pete looks terrible in a torn uniform, scarred face and bald pate. His performance is brief but striking. The rest of the cast (John Carradine - excepted) is fairly unfamiliar. This makes it all the more terrifying. They could be your neighbours being chased around and murdered by these horrifying monsters. And the zombies are some of the scarriest on film. They don't scream, or eat anybody. They just bob out of the water staring through black goggles and cut a path of destruction across the island. Wonderful. Contrasting to what I expected, this amazed me. It has since become one of my all time favourite horror films. It sure scared me more than Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Kind of a letdown there. But then I always could trust in Cushing.

Reviewed by suspiria10 8 / 10

S10 Reviews: Shock Waves (1977)

The Boneventure is out on a holiday cruise. The captain (John Carradine) and his salty crew are taking their passengers on a cruise they'll all never forget…if they live that long. The cruise is soon cut short as they are run into by a huge rusty ship that strands them on a reef. The survivors make their way to a dilapidated and rundown island resort whose only occupant (Peter Cushing) is a man with a terrible past that returns to haunt them all. When long dormant SS soldiers (created through nefarious means) come ashore the bodies begin to pile up.

Ken Wiederhorn (of Return of the Living Dead part II fame) helms this solid (and even sometimes creepy) horror flick. "Shock Waves" moves at a quick pace with a good, solid cast (with some genre vets). The music score is pretty good as is the overall script. "Shock Waves" is good fun.

Reviewed by Infofreak 5 / 10

Underwater Nazi zombies! A creepy low budget gem that all horror buffs should try and see.

'Shock Waves' is a low budget horror movie with few special effects... actually not very special effects at all. We're talking a half a dozen "zombies" which are basically people in Nazi uniforms holding their breath underwater. The cast apart from Brooke Adams ('Invasion Of The Body Snatchers', 'The Dead Zone') are unknowns, with guest appearances from horror legends John Carradine and Peter Cushing. One would think this would be a real turkey only good for a few laughs, but not so, it's a surprisingly effective thriller with atmosphere to spare. One of the reasons I enjoy horror movies is that creative directors are capable of making something special out of virtually nothing. 'Carnival Of Souls' and 'Night Of The Living Dead' are obvious examples. El cheapo budgets, unknown actors, minimal effects, but two of the greatest horror movies ever made. I'm not saying 'Shock Waves' is anywhere near THAT good, but I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected from the cheesy packaging on the video box. The concept of underwater Nazi zombies is an intriguing one, and was subsequently used by Jean Rollin and Jess Franco in 'Zombie Lake' and 'Oasis Of The Zombies'. I always enjoy seeing John Carradine, but his role is, let's be honest, little more than a cameo. I have a major crush on Brooke Adams, she's goofy but beautiful, and admirers won't want to miss this one as she spends most of her time in a bikini. One minor complaint - I wished Peter Cushing had more screen time. He's my favourite horror actor after Vincent Price and I always enjoy his performances. All in all 'Shock Waves' is an underrated and creepy movie that all horror buffs should try and see. It's just one of many overlooked 1970s horror gems that deserve more attention than they get (see also 'Count Yorga, Vampire', 'The Brotherhood Of Satan', 'The Crazies', 'The Legend Of Hell House', 'Deranged', 'Alice, Sweet Alice', 'Thirst',etc.etc.)

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