Silent Trigger


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Dolph Lundgren as The Shooter
Gina Bellman as The spotter
Andreas Apergis as Soldier
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Reviewed by udar55 7 / 10

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Paranoid assassin Waxman (Dolph Lundgren) is hired to perform a high value hit from the top of an under construction high rise. Trouble starts right away when he finds out his spotter, Clegg (Gina Bellman), worked with him a few years previous on a job that went incredibly wrong. So he thinks he is being set up. Also, there are two nosy watchmen (Conrad Dunn and Christopher Heyerdahl) to deal with. Revisited this Dolph action vehicle in proper widescreen and still enjoyed it quite a bit. Widescreen seems essential due to director Russell Mulcahy's great sense of style. The main building is a great location with tons of atmosphere thanks to the rain drenched night. All of the acting is good with Bellman sporting a really unique accent. It looks they were totally trying to do the Anne Parillaud hit woman thing with her. Heyerdahl plays a completely over-the-top druggie scumbag, but it works and we even get a bizarre bit where he sees spider hallucinations. He recently snagged a gig in the TWILIGHT movies. The action is all well staged and quite bloody for the time. There is also a unique Deep Forest-esque score. Mulcahy did a couple of more features (TALE OF THE MUMMY, RESURRECTION) before going into TV nearly full-time with a few features here and there. His most recent work is on MTV's TEEN WOLF. *sad face*

Reviewed by tonopah6 9 / 10

Satisfying action

Dolph is an assassin who takes on his last assignment. He's experienced, mature, and filled with common sense - trying to teach the naive and deadly wannabe, Gina, to be discriminative and aware. This takes place in a metropolitan building,(not yet finished), overlooking the bridge leading from the US into Canada. It's also where Dolph and Gina go through a period of adjusting from their previous troubled time together. There were some flashbacks, which I liked; they fit in well at showing their past job together, and the reason for their problematic rejoining. But during that time is when a minor flaw occurs (concerning authenticity); it's about a security guard snorting cocaine - (his job must pay awful well) - and he snorts it several times during the night. But what the hell, it helps him become more of a sex-craved maniac looking to fill-in a boring night: a romp through the penthouse with the sexy Gina as the participant. He does a great job as a weirdo guard, and is an excellent filler for action during the assassins set up. But . . . Then after Gina fights off a sexual attack with the guard, she then gets a sexual feeling for Dolph, of course. This happens near the window that's been cutout in a circled manner for the upcoming assassination attempt - you'll see her fine shapely hips while laying on the floor. Although Gina doesn't have an ounce of toughness to her, she still does all right as the female assassin. The action scenes were good; some extreme, but not too outrageous like a lot of other flicks. And maybe I could include that the Canadians seem to have a higher percentage of good action movies than Hollywood.

Reviewed by Dusan Leon-Citic 10 / 10

Just one click… and you are dead!

He is calm, silent and deadly. His bullet can hit you from distance of 2 kilometers. This time Dolph holds in his hands a new tool of destruction – a sniper. He works as political assassin, but he doesn't want to kill any more. They sent him to his last mission into the great designed building with a girl who is his assistant (Bellman). While they make preparations, we watch many flash-backs related to their common past and targets from many years ago. They don't know that whole this job is just a trap to eliminate them both. Director of "Highlander" and "Shadow", Russell Mulcahy, brought you another hit. Claustophobic, strong and dramatic, this film really makes you think. Dolph also provided you with fantastic action scenes that will take your breath away. Gina Bellman – always pleasant to look at. The film that is going to become an important part of your personal collection.

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