Silent Venom


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Krista Allen as Dr. Andrea Swanson
Tom Berenger as Admiral Bradley Wallace
Luke Perry as Lt. Comdr. James O'Neill
Louis Mandylor as Jake Goldin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartianOctocretr5 4 / 10

Rub a dub dub, snakes on a sub

Intentional camp, and fun enough for a good laugh. Snakes have gotten tired of planes, trains, and automobiles, so now they set sail under the sea. It's up periscope, finance a film budget of $49, and bon voyage.

"Captain, we have snakes on board." Oh really? Perhaps that means the rubber toys that vaguely resemble snakes. Also, some hilariously cheap CGI serpents that move more like video game cartoon characters than a snake. Shots of them slithering around aimlessly on the floor with no actors anywhere around pop up once in a while; this may be inserted stock footage of real ones in a glass case. The actors trying to look scared of these blue screen and/or rubber beasties is priceless. One scene has a guy gingerly lifting a the rubber toys off of an imperiled person, then hurls it wildly lol.

It's all a government conspiracy; astonishing. Some evil guy sends a scientist on board to covertly transport genetically engineered snakes for military use (neglecting to inform the crew of the hissing cargo, of course). Maybe it's the DNA mutation that makes them look so fake, and lazily hang out doing nothing like they've been drugged. Anyway, things progress exactly as expected, in the ludicrous fashion that's expected.

Turn off the brain before watching.

Reviewed by locoowl 5 / 10

Snakes on a Sub!

*************** Warning may contain spoilers *******

What is not to like about this film? Cheesy effects, rather wooden acting, a silly plot line, and SNAKES! On a SUB! Why they couldn't get Luke Perry to echo Samuel L Jackson's famous line about snakes on a plane, I'll never know. I guess it just would not fit the military image - even though Perry was playing a Navy Captain! A mildly entertaining fun romp with nary a pit viper to be seen (but plenty of albino boas, corn snakes, rat snakes, and some fake overgrown diamondbacks), some very hokey special effects of Big Momma and the usual stupid plot holes.

My wife and I enjoyed it, as we are fans of this sort of ridiculous trash. It was better than some we have seen, worse than others. If you have some time to kill, it might be worth your time. At least it had sub titles, and the submarine action was pretty good.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 3 / 10

Watchable but typical killer snake movie.

Lt Commander James O'Neill(Luke Perry)is granted by Admiral Bradley Wallace(Tom Berenger)one last mission before allowing him to retire after 20 years of service(we're supposed to accept that someone as young as Perry had been at it for 20 years)and that is to make a pick up of two personnel from an island to transport them to the Okinawa base. Krista Allen is Dr. Andrea Swanson, her field in snakes, along with assistant Jake Goldin(Louis Mandylor), and they are on the island, doing studies on snake venom research. Snakes of abnormal experimentation are brought on board the submarine without O'Neill's knowledge(as you might expect, certain military members are behind the venom research in the hopes of helping soldiers in the field of battle), and against Swanson's orders(there were only supposed to be four brought on board the sub, but Jake sees great potential on the black market for the snakes he was ordered to dispose of). So once aboard the sub, a moronic, curious member of O'Neill's crew opens the canister containing them(anytime you hear a noise and see a canister rattling, instead of telling another crew member, you open the canister and let whatever is inside loose). So commences "snakes on a sub" with O'Neill having to handle this situation(along with another dangerous development, Chinese ships, including a war sub, occupying waters forbidden for O'Neill's sub; O'Neill's coordinates from his commanders were a mistake sending him in the wrong direction)the best way he can without the ability to use torpedoes(they are dummies), while running his sub with a skeleton crew. Yep, the deck is stacked against him. Surprisingly, director Fred Olen Ray's SEA SNAKES(as titled by sci-fi channel)goes through the motions, with all the clichés expected, no new surprises. About like Luke Perry who doesn't crack his sullen expression, seemingly bored with his role as a commander in charge of a sub with plenty of insurmountable obstacles standing in his way. The plot just forwards ahead to it's predictable conclusion. Jake is the typical cretin who steals two vials of anti-venom to keep for himself, keeps the secret of his bringing so many snakes on board from Swanson until it is absolutely necessary to tell her, and gets what's coming to him in the usual fashion. It just never seems to take off for some reason; it lacks the fun you normally expect from a FOR creature feature. I think it was the serious approach, everyone in the movie plays the material straight. The ending, where O'Neill grapples with one of two giant snakes brought on board, is a bit hard to swallow. And, after O'Neill specifically requests that the gun usage should be at a minimum, he sure gets gung-ho with his when the time comes. I did like how the filmmakers incorporate live snakes in the movie, but, as expected, the two(CGI) big ones aren't very convincing.

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