Sinbad and the War of the Furies


Action / Adventure

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shiaz Shams 1 / 10

Furies made me cry

One of the worst movies I have watched in my whole life. Script is pathetic, no screenplay.Casting is just a joke for the director. Actors don't know how to act. The actions scenes are ridiculous. Actions are like, people are cuddling. The only hilarious about movie is, Whenever furies were crying, producer of movie was also crying. When you are making a movie mentioning Adventure, you are supposed to include that. Closed up shots, no scenic views, makes the viewer searching for forward button. They destroyed the career of Sindbad in movies.

Don't watch this. don't watch this. don't watch this. Don't watch this.

This movie is injurious to your mental health.

Reviewed by MinistryofDoom 1 / 10

One Word: Garbage

When "WWE's John Morrison" gets top billing for this film, there's only one way the film can go and that is downhill at alarming speed. You may be asking yourself "who the hell is John Morrison?" and you wouldn't be wrong for asking. He's a third tier pro-wrestler at the WWE which increasingly believes that it's pro-wrestlers can become A-list actors but for every success story like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Dave Bautista (Guardians of The Galaxy), Roddy Piper, or Jesse Ventura (Predator) you've got...ehhh....ten John Morrisons, the generic angry tough guy. In all fairness, he does a really good job at being a generic tough guy. He snarls. He growls. He grimaces. He flexes his muscles and jumps and kicks and punches and frightens bad guys. He does everything a generic action movie tough guy should do. It's just that, he's not a good actor at all. It's not entirely his fault. The dialogue in this movie sucks hardcore. It's terrible. It's like the Expendables meets Indiana Jones except without all the good actors, or the good writers, or the good budget, or the good studio, or the good director. IF you take away all those things, I mean, well I guess you've still got a movie, right? But hey, it also stars that one girl with that bit part from Thor: Dark World. The Asgardian Waitress, Chloe Farnworth. That's something right? No, no, it's not. You want my summary? Here it is: This movie is terrible. Absolutely terrible. The premise is stupid: Sinbad the modern adventurer. What? They couldn't get Attila The Hun, Wall Street Banker? Don't watch this unless you enjoy torturing yourself. However, even if you did, there are better ways to do so. May I suggest licking a hairless cat? I'd rather do that than watch this.

Reviewed by wmeltcher 2 / 10

This rating is very generous.

If you love B-movies, you might like this, but even as a 'B', it is missing the amusing 'cheese factor'. Bad acting, bad directing and bad editing. If this movie was intending to be tongue and cheek, this doesn't work either.

I would usually not bother to have watched it until the end, but I did want to see if there would be any redeeming features.

Cheap films these days are not the crap they used to be. There are some very talented people out there and even a movie made without all the bells and whistles can be entertaining.

This movie really misses the mark for me.

If you feel I am being too harsh, remember, this is my opinion, which is the only one I am qualified to give.

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