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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nbg1446 5 / 10

So boring it made me fall asleep

This film is so boring that it actually made me fall asleep. The acting is very wooden and TBH I really can't see any point in it apart from siblings are forever arguing and no matter how much they may hate each other at some point in their life (or all) they still deep down care for that person. This whole film could have been done and dusted in about 20 mins. It had no beginning, middle or end. Yes, there were some funny bits but all in all it was just a boring peace of documentary with surprisingly wooden actors (TBH I was surprised at how wooden some of the actors considering the shows and films they have been in (Glee, jennifers body, red riding hood) and if I was a producer/director I wouldn't want any of these people in any of my films because of their acting skills. None of the actors shined and you was just left thinking "wow was that it" If you want a film to send you to sleep because it is so boring then watch this it will do it for you! Lol x

Reviewed by childliketendencies 5 / 10

Charming set of stories shining a light on the intricacies of sibling relationships - loved every minute of it!

Just finished watching - in some ways it reminds me a lot of the British indie films I used to watch in my teens (Mike Leigh?). Not going to lie - the main reason I wanted to see this was because I wanted to see Cory play this character, but there's something truly charming about every character in this movie. Even if it takes a while to figure everyone out, there's still this undercurrent throughout the movie that no matter what crap life throws at you or between you and your family, and how much you might disagree and hate what they're doing or saying to you, it's still family, and there's really no person on earth that will ever really understand you or be willing to be there and support you through the biggest mistakes that you might be making. Essentially I got my own view of family and siblings echoed in these little stories. There are a lot of subtle and deep moments in them - each in their own way - and by the end of it I really cannot even name a favorite pair of siblings because they're all in their own way perfect in the way they are for each other. The actors all deserve an enormous amount of praise for their work in creating these characters and breathing such life and meaning into them, and Carl Bessai deserves all the praise for having the vision for this and delivering it to us in such a truly charming, often funny and so very poignant way.

Reviewed by SophieKowalski 5 / 10

Refreshing and Subtle

I really enjoyed this film, Carl Bessai made a really touching and heartfelt piece. Some stories are more enjoyable than other but overall it's a very nice independent film that is worth checking out.

I would say that it's the actors that carry this movie. Every actor in the film is subtle but very touching in their approach. From Cory Monteith's great portrayal of Justin (a big fancy movie star that has it all but feels empty) to Gabrielle Miller's Louise (who can't seem to let go of her schizophrenic brother) it is all of high quality.

Overall, the dialog is real (I also think this has to do with the fact that a lot was improvised) and never forced. There were funny moments. There were sad moments. It was a joy to watch if you like independent cinema.

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