Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers


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Reviewed by mattymatt4ever 6 / 10

Good movie, but who the heck is the chick on the box cover?

I consider "Sleepaway Camp" to be one of the best, most original B-horror films I've seen so far. The sequel is standard B-movie trash, which goes for broke in gory death scenes and gratuitous female nudity. It doesn't contain nearly as much originality as its predecessor. Nevertheless, it's mindless entertainment. And the frequently nude and topless females serve as fine eye candy. The acting is bad (except for Renee Estevez, who's halfway decent, and the guy playing Uncle John, who's pretty good), the cinematography is bad and the special f/x are extremely low grade. But what the heck? In this sort of film, those elements can be quite charming. But after a while, the cheesy horror grows tiresome (they could've chipped in just a tad more money for the f/x) and script is so devoid of original ideas that the film gets too lame for its own good. But if you're looking for a fun late night horror flick to watch during those sleepless nights, "SC 2" shouldn't disappoint. Even though I felt the first one was much more ingenious, the sequel serves its purpose. And I loved the new heavy metal theme song. It's one of those tunes that screams out, "This is not your father's horror movie!"

My score: 6 (out of 10)

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Hilarious-Horror Spoof/Slasher

Sleepaway Camp II is a great horror sequel, not only does it manage to equal the demented original, but in many areas, it actually improves upon the 1983 masterpiece.

Angela is back, this time at Camp Rolling Hills and posing as a camp counselor. She's pretty cheerful until some of the immoral teenagers start getting under her skin, then it's death by battery acid, power drill, knife and much, much more! The character of Angela Baker this time out is played by Pamela Springsteen (Bruce's sis) and she does a wonderful job. Some have criticized this film for making its maniac too likable, and that is a minor fault, but Pam is wickedly funny, often creepy, and always a great presence on screen.

Sleepaway II ties horror and comedy together very well, being in turn funny and creepy, it's much more of a subtle horror parody than the likes of Scream, and a lot more fun! For fans of the genre that have managed to miss this one, definately check it out, its got enough nudity, blood and overall fun for 10 summer camp slashers! As horror goes, it rates a solid 8 out of 10 on a serious scale!

Reviewed by taxidriver45 9 / 10

Don't Be An Unhappy Camper

If you hate this film that means that you took it seriously. This movie is not meant for those searching for brilliant acting and touching characters that you can relate to. This is a movie for people who want to see people die in horrible gory ways. This movie, as well as the first and third movies, contains some of the most bizarre murders you can possibly think of. This is a movie for die hard horror fans that can look past how cheesy this movie appears to be. Gore hounds will love the Sleepaway camp movies. I recommend it to anyone that likes movies with bad acting and cheesy special effects. Even if you don't like these kinds of movies I would watch it in order to learn how to use power tools. MUH HA HA

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