Sleeping with Other People


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Reviewed by indiedavid 3 / 10

You have already seen it and it was better the first time

I am a huge fan of Jason Sudeikis and I was confident that he would choose material that was original so I decided to invest in this film without researching it. What a disappointment. First of all, it is the exact formulaic premise that we have all watched for the past 40 years. You know the type..."I am in my 30's and life is so complex/Sex makes everything so complicated/I just can't grow up/Nobody understands me". Secondarily, in order to be plausible, you have to believe that Jason Sudeikis can pull of being a womanizer. As I said, I am a huge fan but I think it is too big of a stretch for him to pull that off. The actors all did their jobs bringing mediocre material to almost watchable but in the end, it's just another romantic comedy about a guy and girl who love each other but aren't together for whatever implausible reason. I am not sure how these mediocre scripts continue to get funded.

Reviewed by Matt_Layden 6 / 10

My love is conditional.

A generic rom-com in which the focus is on how the two leads should not have sex with each other, but instead help each other with their own relationship problems. This becomes difficult when they discover they've fallen for each other, but cannot let that secret out.

Both Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie are funny people, they both get a few laughs here with some pretty humourless material. They play their characters are broken pieces of sex crazed objects. He can't have a steady relationship because he just sleeps around, she can't have one because she is obsessed with an ex boyfriend who is married. Both of them are the last people you'd want as role models but they manage to be role models for each other in their own unique and twisted ways.

With the film being about lots of sex, Brie has the troublesome task of being the sex symbol of the film. She has some moments to show off that side (lingerie fashion show) but the film just feels unsexy at times. It's a little off putting because the sex comedy is second to the emotional drama. Neither really prove to be THAT effective, but simply serviceable to the material.

The film is plain, ordinary and not much else. I doubt I will remember anything about this film a few days from now, other than Brie in the aforementioned lingerie. Unless you're a fan of these two, I'd say this is a film you can totally skip. It's neither good, nor bad. It's the weird line down the middle.

Reviewed by jadavix 5 / 10

Unfunny and unromantic, with a miscast Jason Sudeikis

There's nothing new about a romantic comedy devoid of romance or comedy, but what did strike me as a little odd was the casting of Jason Sudeikis as a serial womanizer. He has a certain charm, I guess, but he's no pin up. I wonder who the role was originally written for.

The movie is about two late bloomers who meet in college and interrupt each other before a sexual tryst: her with a jerk she will of course go on to fall in love with, him with computer porn. They lose their virginity with each other and don't meet for several years.

Then, in the present day, the Alison Brie character is cheating with the aforementioned jerk, while Sudeikis is beating off women with a stick, apparently.

We've all seen the movies, read the books, heard the songs, browsed the blog posts about the woman who comes dangerously close to being snapped up by the jerk while missing out on the guy who really loves her. It may be a new trend for the "guy who really loves her" to be kind of a jerk too, so you can't really tell what's so bad about the first jerk, and you certainly don't care who they end up with.

The movie had maybe two funny moments, and the touching/romantic stuff fell flat even worse than the humour did.

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