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Sharon Stone as Carly Norris
Tom Berenger as Jack Landsford
Polly Walker as Vida Warren
CCH Pounder as Lt. Victoria Hendrix
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW) 8 / 10

Gives invasion of privacy a whole new meaning!

I don't why many people put this movie down so bad. Anything with Sharon Stone is good. This movie is just as kinky as "Basic Instinct", only more high tech. Working for a publishing company is a hard job to take, even if you went through a rough marriage and trying to start over, finding yourself shouldn't be so hard. Not with Carly Norris(Sharon Stone). She moves into a new high in New York called Sliver Heights, she gets a room which the deceased lived. and their she meets the owner Zeke Hawkins(William Baldwin) owns Sliver Heights, and he thinks he God. This man is not only the owner, he's the biggest voyeur of that complex. A voyeur(Peeping Tom) like him make others look like amateurs. I liked ever scene of this movie, the love scenes, the shower scenes, the conversation scenes, and he actually records them which I think is downright obscene. Sharon never looked any hotter in that movie, and he character is really hard core all the way. The author Jack Landford(Tom Berenger) seemed to be a decent character, however his shady past makes him the target for police. When he was killed, the murders stopped, but the voyeurism was way more sinister than the crimes earlier. So Zeke was given a major attitude adjustment there, and I think it's time for a new owner. This movie was really hardcore, imagine for what the unrated version would be like! Rating 3 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Mark Seaman 6 / 10

Going against the consensus, but I like this film!

Whether it's Sharon Stone, or the obvious truth about my voyeuristic tendencies, I like this movie. Sharon has seldom been more alluring and Baldwin's character, with his eerily magnificent toys, lives his life observing others. A movie for the CNN generation I'd contend.

Reviewed by boyinflares 8 / 10

A sexy thriller in more ways the one

Out of 1993 comes "Sliver" the sexy top-notch thriller that is very well done, but slightly misses the mark towards the end. Sharon Stone's character Carly Norris is a respected book editor with pretty much no social life, until she moves to a new apartment building called Sliver Heights, where she meets William Baldwin's character Zeke Hawkins and the two form a very passionate relationship. Of course being a thriller, something isn't quite right, and so Carly searches to find out what is going on.

Stone and Baldwin are both excellent in their leading roles. She's attractive, he's handsome and both are charismatic. There's some steamy scenes between the two of them, Stone's character is one that you can really care for. The supporting characters in "Sliver" actually do what supporting characters are supposed to - support. Tom Berenger's character the dodgy Jack Lansford is the "is he or isn't he" red-hearing, and is played well. Polly Walker plays the vampy Vid Warren, Carly's apartment neighbor, and is a good parallel to the reserved Carly. Colleen Camp is Judy Marks, Carly's incorrigible assistant and she is terrific. Finally, CCH Pounder plays the detective, Lt. Victoria Hendrix, though she is rather under-used here, this not being one of her best performances, probably because of the fact that she is under-used.

"Sliver" provokes some interesting topics of conversation for your next cocktail party, namely the notions of privacy and what would you do if you had the power to watch almost whoever you wanted, as Baldwin's character did. With the increasing notion of "Big Brother is watching you" in today's society, "Sliver" seems even more relevant to our lives. "Sliver" is presented in a glossy manner with a cool soundtrack and is relatively fast-paced. However, while the ending is effective, more could have been done to raise the notions of privacy that I previously talked about. Other than that, "Sliver" is a very sexy thriller.

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