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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris (245) 10 / 10

Great Campy Fun With Killer Slugs

Slugs was a great movie, for fans of gore/campy films as well as fans of comedy. Not really. All these slugs and people and creative ways of getting rid of all of them. There are a few scenes that will make anyone cringe. And there's the "something's biting my hand" scene that will make you laugh. But it is a great movie, and you won't want to fast forward through much of it unless you are wanting to show someone a cool part like the dude with the headache.

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 8 / 10

A satisfyingly scuzzy late 80's killer animal splatter-fest

Juan Piper Simon, that dependably shameless Spanish schlock shocker expert who blessed us with the staggeringly sleazy collegiate slasher swill "Pieces" and the horrendously lame pseudo-Lovecraft loser "Cthulhu Mansion," really outdoes himself with this flamboyantly foul, slimy, gore-soaked, grue-drenched, hell, flat-out outrageously splatteriffic bastardization of Shaun Hutson's sensationally squalid best-selling novel. A mutant strain of your average inveterate garden pests develop an insatiable craving for human flesh and subsequently start snacking on the deserving dipstick denizens of a heretofore dreary and uneventful snobby upstate New York suburb. The plot's every bit as trite and predictable as the above synopsis suggests. The cardboard cut-out characters are dull and nondescript. The performances from an uniformly atrocious cast are wooden enough to give your DVD player the TV equivalent to Dutch Elm disease. The dubbing simply stinks. Both the script and direction are very plodding and inept. However, the profoundly uncomfortable sense of unceasing, stomach-knotting vileness which permeates every last fetid frame of this gross, grimy, hideously ghastly fright flick makes it perversely enjoyable just the same. And the extravagantly gory'n'grody slug attack scenes certainly make this putrid picture a top-rate trashy winner. A poor handyman has to hack off his own hand with a hatchet after a slug crawls into his work glove. Another hapless fellow inadvertently eats a slug that somehow wound up in his salad (!) which later causes the guy's nose to bleed profusely into a glass of water and baby slugs to explode forth from his eyes. Two horny teens furiously fornicating their sweaty socks off get chomped in the nastiest example of celluloid coitus interruptus you are ever likely to witness in a killer mankind-munching carnivorous slug flick. Moreover, another little girl also gets graphically devoured and one luckless dude even falls into a sewer full of the murderous mollusks. Sure, this movie possesses no redeemable artistic attributes to speak of (and frankly who really cares about that pretentious high-falutin' nonsense?), but it's definitely so laughably bad and shoddy (not to mention downright ridiculous) that it overall cuts it as a good deal of righteously gruesome and lovably ludicrous cheeseball creature feature fun.

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 6 / 10

Lap up another J. Piquer Simon epic of goo and gore

Why isn't Juan Piquer Simon celebrated for the repulsive cinematic magic he has created? No only did he makes "Slugs", he made "Pieces", too, and even took a crack at Jules Verne's "Journey To The Center of the Earth". I read Shaun Hutson's "Slugs" long before I experienced the movie, and I even read the sequel, "Breeding Ground", before seeing the movie. In three words, it is thoroughly disgusting entertainment, with echoes of Jeff Lieberman's great "Squirm". The Spanish/Mexican blending of scenes doesn't really work, but who cares? The film, like any Ed Wood or Rene Cardona film, is entertaining. The slug attacks are gory and unrestrained and Simon's direction of the little critters is better than his direction of the actors. Lap it up!

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