Smokin' Aces


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 125777


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Joel Edgerton as Hugo Croop
Ryan Reynolds as Richard Messner
Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree
Chris Pine as Darwin Tremor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joe 7 / 10

Complex but enthralling multiple contract killer film...

Smoking Aces is a film that tries hard, and in doing so is one that is not going to be easy to describe. The basic plot revolves around the central character "Aces" who is testifying against the mob, and in return has a contract out on his head. Locked away in his suite in Las Vegas, he is protected by the Fed, but there are multiple contract killers (all different from each as can be imagined!) out to get him.

First hour seems to be stuck piecing the different contract killers together and their background, whilst the Fed are shown to be trying to figure out what is going on. No one set of actors though gets above the others, and in doing so you have multiple stories in the film tied into the whole premise of the film. Acting is great by the general assemble which includes fine performances by Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta.

Problematically, the film tries to be too cool at the start, and reminds me too much of "Things to do in Denver...." and so on. In addition, the film is really confusing at points but is worth persevering with nevertheless. The complexity makes it very original, and you never know where its going, but it wraps up together in the last 30mins which are more than worth the cinema ticket alone.

No classic, but enjoyable, original and interesting overall..

Reviewed by IamtheRegalTreatment 9 / 10

A lot better than what it's given credit for...

I've read some of the reviews for this movie, and I can't agree with them. I completely disagree in that I thought this was a very entertaining movie. The concept was very well thought out but it wasn't perfect, obviously.

Basically, the movie was about several groups of assassins all gunning for the same man for the same price. The reason he is wanted dead is because of his snitching and deceitful ways. I'm not going to give anything away, but once you watch the movie you'll know there's a lot more behind that. Only thing you really need to do is pay as close attention as you can during the beginning, because it does get a little confusing. The story moves along pretty quickly, but you will get the gist of it.

Overall, I thought it was very well done. The plot was good, the characters were amazing (especially Ryan Reynolds), and there were some nice action parts. Even though it dragged on a little bit during the middle, it was necessary to develop plot details. 9 out of 10 stars from me; it was very entertaining and thought provoking. Last but not least, the white karate kid in the trailer was hilarious, "Why you eye-ballin' me son!?".

Reviewed by sarahalub 1 / 10

oh Ray, how you have stooped....

Ray Ray Ray....did 'Revolver' teach you nothing?? For a man who was once in a Scorsese movie, its hard to imagine he'd end up like this....sunk to depths of the lowest degree. Well hopefully the reviews this film will no doubt receive will teach Mr. Liotta a thing or two about 'money over credibility', because this film is enough to suffocate anyone's career. (And Affleck should be ashamed of himself... wasn't 'Gigli' enough of a lesson!!!READ the Scripts in future Ben)

'Now thats what i call gangsters 2006'

Possibly a more fitting title for such a dire film.

Please allow me to elaborate

Think of possibly every single 'villian' cliche in cinematic history, presented to us in a rapid 'MTV' style manner, all after one guy, and all introduced to us within the first ten minutes of the film.

You've got Ace, (the guy they wanna kill because he double crossed the mafia, or something along those all becomes a blur after a while), the million members of the mafia (nice of them to explain what 'La Cosa Nostra' stands for right at the start, and then fail to explain anything else from that point onwards). and then comes the villains

In no particular order:

Some guy who takes on the deranged Hannibal lecter type character, (you gotta have the psycho), followed by the redneck Neo-Nazi brothers with the 'Mad Max' style attire, (and the inconspicuous chainsaws....discreet), Alisha Keys makes an appearance as the 'badass' street talking contract killer (thus bringing a more urban flavour to whole melting pot), you've got the eastern European master of disguise (who makes faces out of latex, and disguises himself as his dead victims...cunning)and a few other characters (who you soon forget about)...headache is the only way of describing this intro.

After half an hour you're still probably as perplexed as you where within the first five minutes, because nothing is clarified (fine...a linear narrative, as we know is not the be and and end of all of films), but some kind of coherence is surely a must.

Anyway in an over the top (being an understatement) way they all go to bring ace back to the mafia, trying to each get there before anyone else. The big twist (i say twist, although i really failed to care by this point), comes at the end when you find out the truth about why the mafia wanted ace really.

OK heres what i don't get:

The man who makes the faces from on earth did he manage to kill Hugo, mould the guys face, let it dry, put it on, (powder it up with a bit of makeup), and get a wig identical to Hugo's actual hairdo...all in the space of what appeared to be no more than 10 minutes!

Alisha keys' character.....runs off with that guy who worked for Ace, after about 2 seconds of meeting him, and allows her 'friend' to get gunned down by police, whilst shes outside with prince charming arranging a date location!rather unfair.. and WHY was she not arrested????

why were there another lot of prostitutes coming to aces penthouse when about 6 had just left! has this man never heard of chlamydia!

This whole thing was very very laughable,especially the last part of the film with the '90's action movie' style blowing up and gunning down of everything in sight.

I'm sure this movie wishes it was a Tarentino, because it tries so hard to be cool...but we all know that when you try too hard it shows. It upsets me that people are even trying to find comparisons between this movie and 'Goodfellas', because its like comparing a Mcdonalds to fine French cuisine.

In Liotta's defence however, he was possibly the best thing about this mess of a movie. He just wasted his talents on such a bad movie.

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