Sniper: Special Ops


Action / Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by odessit-41312 1 / 10

I want my hour and a half back!

Yet another in a long succession of horrible straight-to-video movies by Seagal of late. At least there were no CGI bullet holes in this one. What I don't understand is why producers can't hire a decent military consultant when shooting a war movie. Jeff Bosley (Doc) is a Green Beret, how he didn't die laughing during the filming is beyond me. Firearm handling is absolutely ridiculous, Rob Van Dam clearly has never fired a long gun before in his life. Charlene Amoia, who claims to be an "expert marksman" holds a pistol like it's a personal massager (wink-wink).

You see an assortment of optics on the team's rifles (ACOG, Aimpoint, Eotech) but the funniest is a tiny RDS on Segal's rifle that has superimposed hash marks when looking through it in Seagal's first- person view. Absurd.

Overall, horrible low-budget B-flick with bad story, horrible acting and a huge number of blunders. Save yourself some time and DO NOT watch it.

Reviewed by etackle 2 / 10

One of Seagal's worst films, unbelievable cast, bored actors and non-existent budget spell disaster

Overall plot could have been interesting but direction and casting was incredibly poor. Main actors were decades too old and obviously overweight and out of condition to be remotely believable as active duty soldiers let alone the top-shelf special forces they were portraying.

Soldier ranks and chain of command was completely wrong for the situation and even the most obvious military tactics such as securing a perimeter, finding cover/laying prone during a firefight or trying to avoid an obvious ambush were mostly ignored.

Character development was nil and supporting women only served to annoy the main characters without a hint of romantic interest or sex appeal which might have at least distracted viewers from an overall lackluster film. The audience was given little reason to care who won or lost and there was no interesting subplot, character drama or anything all that interesting to see in terms of actors, vehicles, aircraft or weapons.

In spite of the cast including 7th Dan Aikido black belt Steven Seagal and WWE pro wrestler Rob Van Dam there is never a single physical altercation, only a series of lackluster gunfights.

Some smaller problems the US weapons were obviously not government issue: barrel lengths, flash hiders, sights were all wrong as was the lack of typical support weapons on both sides.

Weapons usage was strange even for b-movies, most rifles were never fired full-auto, characters seemed to have ample ammo but most fired sparingly while the "sniper" was spraying everything in sight with full-auto fire. Later no one remembered to reload a nearly empty M9 pistol before starting a new gunfight...the same M9 pistol which proved far more accurate and deadly than any of the scoped M4 assault rifles the soldiers were firing.

Tim Abell showed some great acting skills and was a likable character as Sgt Mosby but unfortunately he was still far too old and out of shape to pull off the role.

Reviewed by loreleysherry 1 / 10

Sniper : special ops w/out sniper

The first scene looked quite promising, but after that, It's so bad it's horrible.

The sniper rifle is only used during this first scene, after that Seagal use an automatic rifle and he doesn't even bother to aim ; he sprays bullets at random in a prerecorded sequence that is used again and again.

Actually, Seagal doesn't do much ; he babysits his comrade from a safe place, for the major part of the movie, while another lame movie is playing with Rob Vandamme and an annoying spoilt journalist who can do it all.

Sniper:Special ops, is a low cost and boring movie that use a guest star to sell copies, but don't ask too much from them.

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