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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Atreyu_II 7 / 10

The only one of the Peanuts specials with "Snoopy" on the title instead of "Charlie Brown"

"Snoopy Come Home" is the 2nd of the 4 Peanuts specials. In many ways, it's a unique Peanuts story (particularly for being a musical, dramatic and emotional motion picture). At the same time, its simplicity is extreme. This is an improvement over the previous "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" in some ways.

There is some nice score, such as the hilarious song "No dogs allowed" and the beautiful but sad songs "Do you remember me?" and "It changes".

Unlike the first movie, here both Peppermint Patty and Woodstock appear, although Marcie is still missing. There is, however, a crazy girl named Clara who looks almost equal to Marcie, except without glasses. And her voice sounds very Peppermint Patty-like. She's the one who names Snoopy "Rex" and she is a real nutcase. I call her "the terrorist".

Pepermint Patty's role is small here and, as usual, she's a tomboy. But she is surprisingly kind here. Really doesn't sound like her. Considering she's very quick-tempered and often unfair and obnoxious, she manages to surprise us here.

Lila's role in the movie is minor. She is everything that Lucy and "the terrorist" aren't: friendly, sweet, kind and lovable. Lila was the original owner of the world's most famous Beagle. I think they should have found a way to make she and Charlie Brown meet sometimes, so that she and Snoopy had the chance to visit each other occasionally. Charlie Brown and Lila could even be friends...

During good part of the movie there is a sad atmosphere: Lila's illness and loneliness, the Peanuts gang missing Snoopy a lot (mostly Charlie Brown, who is most sensitive about this). Like Charlie Brown, I hate goodbyes and I'd rather more hellos.

The journey of America's favorite Beagle and Woodstock to visit Lila at the hospital is admirable, as well as everything they go through because of all those "No dogs allowed" signs (including one that forbids both dogs and birds, which is discrimination against animals).

The worst aspects concerning this film are the following ones: the sequence when Linus and Snoopy hurt each other, which is a bit disturbing considering this is a kid's movie; the boxing match sequence with Lucy and Snoopy; any sequence with "the terrorist" (there is something creepy about that girl, plus these sequences are traumatic for Snoopy and Woodstock); and, of course, most parts with Lucy. I just don't like Lucy, she's obnoxious, unfair and mean to Snoopy, Charlie Brown and even Linus.

On the other hand, some things don't fit very well. For example, when Snoopy finally arrives to the apartment where Lila lives, he is unbelievably happy when he sees the sign that forbids dogs. That just doesn't seem right of him and actually shows a certain disrespect on both Lila and Charlie Brown. The ending is also questionable: Snoopy demands all his stuff back, causing everyone to get angry at Charlie Brown (as usual, he gets blamed for everything bad that happens).

The artwork remains extremely simplistic, definitely not an improvement over "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" and certainly not in the level of "Race for your life, Charlie Brown" and even less of "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown".

Reviewed by mikeCubbie69 4 / 10

Very disappointing bummer of a "Peanuts" movie

I recently watched this movie for the first time in a long time and I soon realized why I've avoided it for so long. First of all, I have to say that I've always loved the "Peanuts" comic strip and the delightfully witty antics of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Lucy. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is still my all time favorite Xmas special and most of the early specials remain among my favorites. And I saw "A Boy named Charlie Brown" at the theatre as a kid and still love it. I never saw "Snoopy Come Home" at the theatre,probably because I felt that I was getting too old for the Peanuts gang. But I did catch the movie when it appeared on network TV a few years later. I remember being so disappointed I didn't even watch to the end. So when I decided to take another look at it, I thought maybe I misjudged it. Unfortunately, I realized that I had not misjudged it. First of all, this is the first "Peanuts" production that didn't have Charlie Brown in the title. Also, Vince Guaraldi, the wonderfully talented composer of the specials is not involved at all. Then there is a very dark and very sad plot line, involving Snoopy leaving Charlie and the gang to visit his original owner,Leila in the hospital. I know this was a story line from the strip, but in the strip, Charlie Brown and the others don't seem to come off as badly as they do in this film. And lets face it, the music is corny as all get out. Guaraldis music is sorely missed here. His scores are filled with joy and optimism, but the music here is so manipulative and dated, you don't feel joy, but you feel used. The one part I really enjoyed was when Snoopy is captured by the crazy Clara. That was the only time I felt any sense of the joy of the classic "Peanuts" specials, although I did get kind of a kick out of Thurl Ravenscroft singing "No Dogs Allowed" whenever Snoopy saw a sign with that on it. The story had none of the wit of the strip, the specials or the first movie. It just seemed like a bummer every time Charlie Brown came on, bemoaning the loss of his dog. And even the animation didn't seem as bold or striking as it was in the first movie, with fewer bold choices like the "Beethoven" montage from that movie. I've always thought that Snoopy had pretty much taken over the strip in the mid 70s and to an extent, the specials, but the Snoopy obsession seems to have reached its peak here. But I do like the way Peppermint Patty is used here, as well as Woodstock, but thats about it for the positives. Im guessing that the later movies are probably even weaker, because the later specials would suffer, especially following Guaraldis death. You probably think Im just getting old, but I still love the early specials and the first movie and I still love reading classic strips. So I will return to those and get the bad taste of "Snoopy Come Home" out of my mouth.

Reviewed by sketchyninja 10 / 10

Breaks yer heart...

my favorite peanuts cartoon with the best music ( me and you, two man crew) and Charlie Brown singing a melancholy tune about Snoopy being gone while putting his head against the wall. The "no dogs allowed" with the voice is great. One of the more sadder animations out there(especially for a Snoopy cartoon) but still very enjoyable. I last saw it on Disney channel many moons ago and wonder why it is not played more often on TV or cable.Great movie and recommended for fans of snoopy and the gang everywhere.

watch it with your dog or remember past dogs

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