Snow White: A Tale of Terror


Action / Fantasy / Horror

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Sigourney Weaver as Claudia Hoffman
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Sam Neill as Frederick Hoffman
Gil Bellows as Will
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jonathan Farrugia 8 / 10

Superb adaptation of soapy tale

Although I liked Disney's version of the Snow White tale (and still keep it as the classic example of fairy-tale screen- handling), still I was positively struck with this adaptation. Now here's the version no-one would have dreamed of ever seeing. The all-innocent victimised princess has been turned into a proud little brat who despises her step-mother from the very first time she sees her; the mean, scheming, mirror-gazing step-mother was changed into a lady doing her best to be accepted by her husband's intolerant daughter - only after miscarrying her son does she turn into the stereotype of evil; the adorable seven little dwarfs were metamorphosized into seven miners, some of whom really hate the girl. Best of all the Prince charming has been erased and the silly "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" likewise. Anyway the film is a masterpiece from beginning to end - the highlights being the spells cast by the maddened step-mother. Being a gothic horror movie, it still has some spurts of really dark humour, such as Claudia saying, "Mmmm... Delicious!" when eating the supposedly cooked Lilly; and "I have brought someone to keep you company" (to the crucifix). The on-location shooting is very adequate and the superb performances from everyone make this a movie worth watching and appreciating.

Reviewed by Shooshoo80 7 / 10

Flawed, but still excellent

I like the fairy tale version of Snow white,but I always had a couple of questions about the story. (1)Why did the evil queen die so easily? (Lighting strikes the cliff and the queen falls to her death. Come on! I was a little kid when I read the story but give me some credit.) (2)Why did Snow White fall deeply in love with the prince? She barely knows him. (3) Why did the huntsman decide not to kill Snow White? I doubt that her kindness had an effect on his decision. These are couple of questions I always had pertaining to Snow White. The movie version of the tale, which I found out recently is closer to the original version, answers most my questions. The characters were more realistic. The movie was a good mix of realism and fantasy. The movie isn't really scary or gruesome, but it is supenseful and creepy. I liked the change of the dwarfs. I would of liked the movie to go into more detail about the relationship between the stepmother and Snow White. The twist with the love interest was good too. Also, Snow White in this movie has more heart than in the Disney version. If this movie had a little bigger budget, some good advertising, and people seriously backing it than it probably would of been in the theaters around the same time as "Ever After". More people need to take notice of Monica Keena (Snow White), more likely known from the show Dawson Creek and the made for T.V. movie First Daughter, she's one of the few good young actors out today. Gil Bellows was good in his part too. And Mrs. Weaver is excellent in her role as the evil stepmother. Everybody else in the movie was decent. For all the people who are expecting a gorefest with nudity, look elsewhere because this isn't the movie for you. The movie is based more on atmosphere and the humanization of the characters. The movie is a gothic fantasy film with a little bit of horror, romance, and suspense mixed together. I give the movie a 7/10.

Reviewed by Brandt Sponseller 8 / 10

Very Good Horror/Fantasy Film That Deserves Wider Recognition

This is a more horror-oriented version of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", in which Snow White, in this case named Lilliana, or "Lila" (Monica Keena), has to deal with a psycho stepmother, named Claudia Hoffman (Sigourney Weaver) here, and ends up living with the seven dwarfs, or in this case, one dwarf and seven "rogues of the forest".

Snow White as a horror tale sounds like a good deal, and for the most part, it is when it comes to this film. However, there were a couple flaws that brought down my score to an 8 out of 10, but overall, this is a very good movie, well worth watching.

Let's get the flaws out of the way first--there are only two. The first is that some of the performances can tend towards melodrama, especially since director Michael Cohn does his best to ensure that no humor enters the proceedings. It's a very slight flaw, however, and is barely enough to subtract a point. On the whole, the performances here are very good, especially Keena and Weaver, and they are the focus of the film.

The more serious flaw is that a number of important developments in the plot go unexplained. There may have been an assumption that the audience is so familiar with the source material that they would be able to figure out these leaps, but most of the audience will only be familiar with filmic versions of Snow White, especially the Disney version. Questions such as "How did she awaken? Why did she spit the apple out?" are most easily answered by those with a familiarity with the original Brothers Grimm story. However, that's probably not a huge percentage of the film's audience. Having to piece together some of the plot is enough to draw the viewer out of the film's world a bit, and in conjunction with the melodrama, was significant enough for me to subtract two points.

But this film does a huge number of things right. It's clear from the opening scene, where Lilliana's parents are on their way home, riding in a carriage through a menacing forest. Vicious wolves, perhaps looking for food, attack, and the carriage goes tumbling down a hill. Lilliana's mother, pregnant and close to giving birth, is fatally wounded, and her father, Friedrich Hoffman (Sam Neill, playing a character undoubtedly named after E.T.A. Hoffman, another famous 19th Century fantasy writer), at Lilliana's request, cuts the baby out to save it, thereby also killing the mother. Although this isn't graphically shown, we do see blood pouring down the snow, which is another reference to the Grimm text, and this leads to the titles.

That kind of horror material occurs throughout the film. Make no mistake, this is not your typical family fare. We have hints of incest, cannibalism, rape, shrines to dead babies that later come back to life, and so on. Horror fans who also love more straightforward fantasy, such as myself, will love it, and in a way, it is much more consistent with the tone of the typical Brothers Grimm story (although the script is as far removed from this particular tale as Disney's is). Anyone with a more "sensitive" constitution should probably avoid the film, or at least make sure that they don't begin watching with preconceptions of a live action version of Disney's film.

Despite its flaws, this is a gem of a horror film--horror is "dark fantasy" after all--and deserves to be more well known.

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