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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s-aitken88 10 / 10

1984, Animal Farm, and now Snowpiercer.

Absolutely amazing. A cinematic microcosm of society. For those of you uninterested in topics like '1984' and 'Animal Farm', watch this film for a hazard course in understanding the human condition. From start to end you see a small-scale depiction of society from it's most basic 'proletariat' level, right up to the elite, in perfect order. And we see the evolution of civilisation from simple beginnings to science, education, quality, luxury, then hedonism, wastefulness and eventual demise, in exactly that order.

All of that can be overlooked, however, if you're just the average movie-goer who simply wants a good story with a hero, an adventure and an end goal. In which case I say the film is a good one but nothing special in that respect. Certainly there were parts where I thought, "eh?", until it clicked later that it was all part of the Director's greater cinematic design.

But for the arty film student types, this film is sure to be the topic of many, many essays for years to come.

Clearly every part of the film was deliberate - every shot, every line of script, every item in the background. It was true art. None of that quick-buck profit-incentive Hollywood stuff.

In conclusion I recommend this film to everyone, particularly people who want to learn something or gain some insight from what they watch. For the everyday movie-lover, go into this with an open mind and have a really long think about how you can compare it to the world today.

Top stuff, 10/10

Reviewed by Darren Petts 3 / 10

Lame, ridiculous and illogical

Very disappointed would be a good summation for this film especially considering it's early rating here. Once the review process has exhausted the fans and people who haven't seen or heard of the comic are reviewing it I expect it'll fall like a stone.

The major flaws as I see them (spoiler alert!). The whole concept of a train being the last salvation of mankind on a frozen planet is just beyond belief. Where does the train stop for servicing to it's undercarriage etc. without any stations? Who maintains the track? An engine that runs on magic as much as anything! Why not make it nuclear or at least something believable. If you were to set up a society in a closed environment why wouldn't everyone have a purpose with controlled breeding rather than be lugging around many people with no contribution to the whole. Why would you engineer a rebellion to control population? There are many better ways. Why would you expect some rebel to want your top job doing things your way? The very word rebel suggests that a change of system is wanted.

Major flaws aside there are other issues with the film. The characters are not believable. They belong in the comic it's based on. Nobody has made any effort to translate them to film or realised that some adjustments are even necessary. Film requires a different approach and nobody who made this film understands that. A great example of how to do it right is Dredd. This is a great example of how to do it wrong. The film tries to open up great philosophical issues but fails to do so due to the setting they are working in, ie a comic book. You continuously think that none of this is real and so pay no attention to the great moral dilemmas they are trying to foist on you. It's akin to being lectured by a 10 year old.

On top of the major flaws there are many minor ones. I'll just give the one example of the hero of the piece stuffing his arm in a moving machine to save one child (didn't bother to look for anything better suited to the task such as a steel bar) whilst then dooming that child to death with everyone-else.

The one redeeming quality of the film is it's well made. It's not remotely enough to save it from being a turkey though.

Reviewed by Mandango 1 / 10

Utter, utter crap what are people watching??!

Spoilers - but seriously that in itself is a joke, the plot, acting, and script is so insanely stupid it cannot be spoiled any further.

With so many good reviews I can only think that its the emperors new clothes effect, oh look its semi Korean sort of, and has oh such important things to say about humanity so it must be good! Get a goddamn grip people its just sh*t! I love post apocalyptic films, social satires and commentaries so this looked good on paper. Apart from the whole humanity on a train thing, I mean that just sounds stupid and pointless. But I was sure that would get explained in some clever way soon into the film. It wasn't. Nothing was. At all. There is no point to this film. The whole plot comes to zero.

Putting aside the stupidity of the premise that a train could run for 17 years in a frozen dead world where track maintenance guys are all dead, and of course the premise that living on a rapidly moving train would somehow be better than building a base, the plot holes in EVERY frikkin scene is staggering. Continuity is non existent. The heroes are fighting a horde of people on second, the next they have simply disappeared.

The rich have meat and wine from thin air, and party on drugs. No-one does any useful work apart from about 5 conductor types. The poor do absolutely nothing apart from whine about oppression. The speeches given by Tilda and Ed Harris are so monumentally derivative and dumbed down its insulting, apart from which they make no practical sense in reality. Ed Harris must be desperate. John Hurt even more so.

The hero ends up derailing and entire train, killing everyone except a teenage girl and a 5 year old. They have approximately 10 minutes to live as they've just seen a polar bear who is probably very hungry. Well done hero guy! I've just wasted 2 hours of my life. Don't waste yours.

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