Song One


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 7 / 10

Quiet & Understated Film

This is a very quiet and understated movie, which I surprisingly ended up liking, but will most likely appeal only to those viewers who are willing to be patient, as it's more of a mood piece than anything else. It can be slow-paced and melancholic, for sure, but I felt that what worked for me was the chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flynn that developed in the film, as well as some first-rate folk singing from Flynn.

Hathaway portrays Franny, who's in Morocco, as the movie opens, working on her PhD in Anthropology, studying Nomadic tribes there. Hathaway still has loads of screen charisma, in my opinion, with those doe-eyes, infectious smile, and lots of acting talent. One night, she gets a call from her mother (Mary Steenburgen), in New York City, that Franny's brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield) has been struck by a taxi while crossing a Brooklyn street, and is lying in a coma in the hospital.

Immediately returning to New York, Franny holds lots of guilt because they haven't spoken in six months, after having an argument when Henry wanted to give up college for his music, as he's an aspiring singer and songwriter. She finds a diary of his and begins to go to some of Henry's favorite places to record sounds that she hopes when played back to him in the hospital will help him come out of his coma.

Franny also finds a ticket for a performance by popular folk singer James Forrester (Johnny Flynn), whom Henry idolized. She goes to the performance and there is immediate chemistry between Franny and James. I thought Flynn was also excellent as James, and both their characters are quite reserved and laid-back. To me this was the heart of the movie, as in a very quiet way the two build a relationship, even if it may be only temporary.

In summary, I thought Kate Barker-Froyland, who wrote and directed this film, and makes her major motion picture debut here, did quite the credible job, although as mentioned it's not for everyone. Maybe I was just looking for a change of pace from the frenetic and heavy dramas that are out there, but this indie worked fairly well for me.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 7 / 10

A film for Anne Hathaway enthusiast

Director/writer Kate Barker-Froyland has offered up a deliciously simple yet emotionally complex story of a family drawn together by an unfortunate accident. Karen (mother), Franny (daughter), are forced to reexamine their family status due to Henry's (son/brother) near death accident.

Most of the movie/story is Franny learning about her brother through his notes and songs and interest in other singers and places he visits in NYC. Along the way through this path of discovery Franny meets and falls in love with a folk singer her brother admired.

There are lots & lots of Anne Hathaway face closeups and lots & lots of folk songs. I like Hathaway but the many closeups and folk songs wore a bit thin. That's the reason for the 7 in stars.

Otherwise this is a fine and thoughtful movie with excellent photography and production values. Please be aware of the lighting throughout as I do believe this is integral to setting the mood of many scenes.

Reviewed by nangan29 10 / 10

I was not in a coma! This movie awoke every one of my senses!!

How do you spell "Relief"? S-o-n-g-O-n-e! Finally... a movie that knows how to be refreshingly real and not afraid to use it. Life is fragile. I don't know of anyone who hasn't experienced an event that changed their world in an instant. The movie's characters and story drew me in from beginning to end. What's not to love about Anne Hathaway as she struggles to let go and understand her brother's world rather than that of strangers in faraway places? As Franny re-discovers her own love and appreciation for the talent, passion and struggles of musicians, so do I! Johnny Flynn? A truly amazing performance as a sensitive, sometimes awkward and insecure artist whose voice and poetry speaks from his heart to all who listen. Song One is a movie that will not be forgotten by it's viewers. Unless you are an unfortunate soul in a coma, your senses will be heightened as well as your sensitivity and connection to the realities of life.

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