Sorority Row


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Andrews ([email protected]) 3 / 10

Not very good remake of a not very good slasher film.

Sorority Row starts late one night at a party at the Theta Phi sorority house on Ransom University, five of the top sorority girl's play a prank on a boy named Garrett (Matt O'Leary) the cheating boyfriend of Megan (Audrina Patridge) who lets him think that they are going to have sex together. The other four girl's have given Garrett a pill to give to Megan, although harmless Megan plays dead & Garrett panics. Garrett & the other girls decide to take Megan to hospital but they end up at a disused quarry when they claim Megan is dead. They continue to play the joke on Garrett & agree to dispose of the body after cutting it up, however the prank backfires when Garrett stabs Megan in the chest killing her for real. Garrett & the other four sorority girls decide to throw Megan's body down an old well & make a pact not to tell anyone else for fear of going to jail but eight months later the girls are all sent texts referring to Megans death as a hooded figure starts to kill the girls one by one...

Directed by Stuart Hendler this is a remake of the early 80's teen slasher The House on Sorority Row (1983) which I have seen but cannot remember anything about other than someone gets a walking stuck in their throat but I still think it's probably safe to say that it couldn't be any worse then this lifeless & dull offering. A lot of classic independent horror films have been remade in the past few years by Hollywood but I am struggling to see the attraction in remaking a fairly obscure slasher film such as The House on Sorority Row, however someone though it was a good idea & what we are left with is a forgettable a teen slasher with no great redeeming features apart from one or two decent kill scenes. The story doesn't quite work, even if Megan & the other girls could convince Garrett that she was dead why was there no investigation into her disappearance? Surely someone else at the party saw Meagn & the other's? Wouldn't the police have investigated? The character's are very unlikable, spoilt rich brats, wimpy worriers & selfish stuck-up girls who really are impossible to like & that in turn makes it impossible to side or emphasise with anyone. When the killer is finally revealed & their motives exposed it's all rather silly & while they were a brilliant silent killer once they are revealed they become a noisy idiot all of a sudden. The killer's identity also leads to the double twist ending in which someone is is earlier thought to have been the killer so why do they start attacking people? Why did they behave in the way that they did? It never made any sense to me. At almost 100 minutes long Sorority Row drags at times, it's fairly repetitive & never really excites or interests beyond how the next victim is going to die & how much padding we are going to have to sit through to find out. All the standard teen slasher clichés are here, silly false scares, lots of walking around dark places, shower scenes, a murder at regular intervals & a twist ending that you will probably forget within a day or two. I can't say I liked it that much.

Sorority Row looks nice enough, director Hendler fails to create much tension or many scares but it's reasonably well made with a certain slickness about it. The kills are alright, my favourite was when the girl gets her whiskey bottle rammed down her throat. The rest of the kills all involve a rather awkward look tyre iron with blades on each side, it's a silly murder weapon actually. There's a fair amount of nudity here if that's your thing. Originally set to be PG the distributors decided to go with an R rating, not that it's that graphic anyway but the extra bit of blood & gore does help.

With a supposed budget of about $16,000,000 this was filmed in Pennsylvania, the production values are good but the acting got on my nerves with every character's quite unlikable.

Sorority Row feels like I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) only with more girls & nowhere near as good, this is standard clichéd teen slasher with little to recommend it. Unoriginal, tired & bland.

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Enormously entertaining slasher remake

A group of sorority sisters find themselves the target of a maniacal killer in retaliation for their involvement in a prank gone wrong on one of their friends and must survive the attacks before they're all killed off.

A lot better remake than initially expected, as it appears to be a glossy-looking, safe slasher that intends to tease rather than deliver, ably demonstrated by the rather low amount of nudity and sleaze offered despite their being not only one but two drunken college parties and more opportunities spread throughout the running time that would've been nice to show off a little more than it did, but also applying to the gore as well with it's rather lame-looking CGI bloodspurts that aren't nearly as much as what would've been unleashed had the kill actually gone down as it should've, yet the stalking in here is rather good with numerous chilling spots, the finale chasing has plenty of action and a nice recurrence of the old burning-down-the-house spirit so common in the Corman/Poe classics and a rather novel killer identity revelation that works really well. Could've been a lot better, but it's still really good as is.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, a mild sex scene and drug use

Reviewed by juan casado y barton 6 / 10

Slasher remake that beats all of the lifeless remakes/sequels of late

Sorority Row seems to be receiving a lot of bad press for the same reasons that all slasher flicks seem to garner - it's clichéd, the characters aren't likable, the plot isn't handled well, the set-up is botched, blah blah blah. OK, these ARE fair points - there exists within this movie one too many "Hello, is anybody there?" moments, too many "Don't go in there!" moments, and let's be honest, they could have quite happily pinned the entire thing on someone else and gone to police instead of covering it up.

However, to complain about those things would be to complain about the entire purpose of the slasher genre. Besides Scream, Hallowe'en and Black Christmas, there is not a single slasher that has a shred of believability (and even Hallowe'en doesn't - Michael Myers is the boogie man for goodness sake!). We go to see slasher films to watch people get killed and don't pretend otherwise. These situations do not happen in real life, why expect any level of realism in the film?!?

So why bother going to see this? Primarily, for the kills. Out of the 10 or so murders, I'd say but only 3 are gratuitous and 2 of those are badly set up. Again, it's the same old story of bimbo/drunk frat boy wandering where they should know not to. But for the 7 or so others, they rock! The manslaughter at the beginning is pretty twisted, yet I, and many others got satisfaction watching one of those twits from The Hills getting offed and thrown down a mine shaft. Following on, a "pimped up" tyre iron is implemented to cause as much gore and depravity as possible: bottles, mirror shards, cars, flare guns, axes, fire-extinguishers, shotguns and the bird cane from the original all are used at some point to bring the death count to a total Rambo would be proud of. One of my favourite set-ups in the movie comes after the party, when they are aware that somehow, someone knows about their little secret. In an intense scene involving many bubbles - because in the World of the Greek Letters, you are more likely to find a jacuzzi than a room full of mannequins - one of the 5 get caught out in it. The build up ranks with that of Annie in Halloween or CC in Scream 2 - after the girls receive another threatening text, they realise that one of their names was missing from the list and before they know it, the missing girl is running, screaming through the courtyard towards them. Although the scares are few and far between, that scene had me ducking. The murder weapon, that tyre iron, is set to become iconic if it garners any sequels (which, undoubtedly it will).

The main characters may not be the most interesting, and two of the girls really are just plain boring, but there are 3 who stand out in my mind: Jessica, Cassie and Ellie. Jessica, the bitchy queen, is played with fervour by Leah Pipes: she relishes every mean phrase, never misses a chance to put someone down, and when she stumbles across the dead body of a sorority sister, her first remark is "God, she looks terrible!" delivered with a dead pan attitude that just rocked. The fact that, unfortunately, she is governed by a bloke is a shame, but she redeems herself towards the end, staying true to her bitchy, selfish nature. Ellie, although a walking cliché in a horror movie, is played really rather well by Rumer Willis. A girl falling apart at the seams as she tries to cope with her part in the accident, she goes from slightly shaky to worried to paranoid to hysterical to catatonic. Yet she maintains some integrity and humour and has quite possibly the funniest moment during which the girls are trying to stop her from finding out that Megan just might not be dead. Finally, Briana Evigans is such fun to watch. Although her character has no right to feel better about herself over what happened and she certainly is no Sydney Prescott or Laurie Strode, Briana brings out of Cassie a feisty, tough girl who can actually be rooted for towards the end. The other 2 VERY good reasons to watch this movie are as follows: gratuitous cat fights (in a burning house with a psycho killer running around none-the-less!) and Carrie Fisher blowing her kitchen to smithereens with a shot gun, all the while taunting the masked killer with lines such as "Come to Mama."

All in all, Sorority Row is not a good film but it is sheer entertainment. What it lacks in plot and credibility it more than makes up for in style. it's also the first remake that I've had pleasure watching due to it's total carelessness of where it's origins lie. I'd give it 6 out of 10. (yes I am aware I've awarded it 10 out of 10 but that's because I feel bad that morons would mark it so harsh on its lack of plot... seriously)

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