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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sir_Film_Fan 9 / 10

Should go down as an Anthology classic

Just finished watching Southbound, a new horror anthology out in limited release and it is easily one of the best horror experiences of the past few years and definitely one of the best horror anthologies of all time. All of the shorts included were great, all blended together seamlessly with a chilling score heavily influenced by 80's horror legends with lots of eerie synth use. Everything was done well, the cast of characters were all well written and thought out and acted with care.

This has everything that made American horror great, stripped down to the necessities and relying not on unnecessary explanation and jump scares but it trusts that its viewers are smart enough to have an imagination. The feeling of not being quite sure whats going to happen next or why and the feeling of isolation this movie creates is palpable. It does what great horror should it utilizes your mind and makes it apart of the narrative, it rewards it viewers yet leaves you wanting more.

This is one of those rarities I will watch again and again over the years.

Reviewed by sam21462 8 / 10

Has the heart of classic horror comics.

This was one of the most surprising finds in recent years. It absolutely has no right, whatsoever, to be as entertaining as it is. If you are a horror fan you are in for a treat as it solidly checks off every box one can imagine. Its varied yet interlocking tales serve up something for almost every taste. From ghost story to evil old god worship to body horror to home invasion thriller it merrily jumps about in a way that could have proved confusing and offsetting but, instead, seems to act more as a museum tour on all the things that make us check the locks and fear the shadows.

While there will, no doubt, be some debate as to what the pocket universe we are presented with represents, there is no doubt, in my mind, that it represents a person or persons who made a movie from an old school heart with a modern day sensibility. As stated in the summary it very much reminds me of the best of the classic horror comics such as the EC Comics titles which began their lives in the very early 1950's.

That being said do not mistake this for an old fashioned movie. It is very much genre savvy for today's eyes, ears and mind. In almost total, it is well acted, directed, written, scored and there is a fair share of completely creepy cinematography. It will leave one with both haunting imagery as well as interesting trains of thought to follow, if you dare.

Huge hats off to those who gifted us with this. This is how good horror can be and I truly hope it finds its way to a far higher place in this world than the vast majority of horror that tends to cross my eyes these days.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Welcome to a fantastically done ride through Hell!

Or at least a really cool version of Hell.

Several stories connected together to create one big vicious cycle of a horror story about the misfortune of a few people to end up on the wrong side of the dessert.

It's an anthology that reminds me of the Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt, and it's truly on the level of creativity, especially when it comes to story telling visually.

Not surprisingly done by the same team as the ones who brought us V/H/S. If you love that movie, this is right up your alley.

It was scary, gory, and messes with your mind, all at once, and it's perfect.

Thumbs up!

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