Space Cop


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 2073


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Patton Oswalt as Space Police Chief
Mike Stoklasa as Detective Ted Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by (scyphe) 2 / 10

No reason to exist

Ignoring the production team's, their families and friends reviews this movie is trying to be a low-budget "consciously bad" comedy yet fails even at that.

The problem with this movie is that it's not funny even in a bad way, it's just a very very bad movie with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The script, the dialogue and directing is utterly inane.

There are a whole bunch of recent movies that borrow from bad sci-fi action from the 80'ies and infuse them with a certain amount of self- satire that works great. Space Cop failed miserably at that.

You're better off with Kung Fury, Turbo Kid and dozens of other movies that excel in what they're trying to present.

Reviewed by Donald Allen Arnold 1 / 10

stupid movie

maybe one day there will be a technology to go back to the past to replace the braincells lost from watching this movie, matchbox wants their car back.

the acting was so bad and the quality of the script was to the point that i believe i have gotten cancer from this.

spare yourself and your sanity and avoid this unless you are a total pot head.

I think that the budget for this film was under 40 dollars.

honestly thought films this bad were long gone with the invention of modern film making software and special effects but then with the budget of less than a child's allowance its to be expected.

anyone attempting to watch this should go out and get a huge bag of weed to be able to get any enjoyment out of watching it.

space cop 2 should not be made ever this should die here! the police have enough bas publicity as it is they don't need this kind of movie.

i watched the whole movie and now i'm going to go get mental help if you watched it too meet me at the mental ward.

Reviewed by kjmusto 4 / 10


As a huge fan of RLM I was really looking forward to this movie, but I was really disappointed.

It's not funny.

I really like their skits that they have done in the past(HITB&others), but this movie just isn't funny. I was kinda smiling in few parts and laughed twice, but yeah there is just so many missed jokes they could have done. I was writing a better movie in my head while watching it.

They clearly put a lot of effort in to making this movie and I'm not trying to dis them, but I suggest next time they should put much more effort in to the script than the sets and special FX.

They should try making some kind of down to earth comedy(clerks) rather than a high concept one because of their limited budget & crew.

And the acting/casting choices of Rich and Mike were just horrible. Mike should be the lovable cynic and Rich the wacky one not the other way around.

I hope in their next project they don't try to do these "wacky" voices and just speak in their normal voices.


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