Space Warriors


Action / Adventure / Family

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Dermot Mulroney as Andy Hawkins
Mira Sorvino as Sally Hawkins
Booboo Stewart as Conway
Josh Lucas as Col. Roy Manley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 1 / 10

Are you kidding?

The acting is some of the worst ever. Its as if there were no auditioning for the child parts. Why in the world would a child actor be given a role and have to create a weird southern accent? Aside from that, the plot was based around totally incompetent adult characters who had no clue what to do with a disabled space station. The main character narrating as if the space camp was in the past for no apparent reason was bizarre. All of this is such a shame because there were some other good actors in the movie. I rented this movie for a family movie night and when kids watching the movie laugh at the cheesy nonsense and mock the terrible acting, it has to be bad.

Reviewed by metalrage666 1 / 10

Why does this exist??

I really, really hate movies like this and I hate them with a passion. I don't even recall seeing this all the way to the end as I fell asleep and I dreamed a much better movie.

Movies like this, where know-it-all kids have to save the day, or movies where kids have all the answers and show up all the adults is really a deplorable premise for any movie, whether it be a drama, comedy or a movie that's specifically aimed at kids or tweens.

Basically this is yet another stupid movie where kids are rounded up and have to save the day as all the combined adult brains and experience at NASA haven't got a clue. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Not only would it never happen, (I could care less how intelligent a child prodigy may be), it's been done to death and it's just a showcase for kids that they too can be precocious brats and know-it-alls as well until they get a clip over the ear from parents, teachers and anyone else in authority who wouldn't actually stand for their nonsense.

Do yourselves a favour and stick pins in your eyes instead.

Reviewed by MaxDome 3 / 10

Could have been a great kids film, but lacks so much

As my title states - if would have been a great movie for ages 13 and below. That's fine- kids need movies that inspire them to be greater than what they are, that they have the chance to be the heroes of their fantasies.

However, this movie fails in a few major areas. The first is the casting of Thomas Horn as Jimmy. His acting is horribly over the top and he plays that cliched role of the overly optimistic kid who just ends up being annoying to everyone, including the audience. I almost turned it off because I got tired of his overly squeaky voice.

The Space Camp competition was rushed and unnecessary - they didn't even give us an over view of what the events were going to be. Then we had the obligatory "evil" team (led by the evil blond haired rich white kid, too...not sure if that's a cliche or racist yet) that served no purpose in the end.

The music pandered too much to what the director felt was kid friendly. It could have gone without the pop music and just had a better written score to give it a more epic feel.

On top of that - for a movie that presses the importance of being precise and not cutting corners along with trying to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists, it takes as much liberty with the laws of physics as Armageddon did. (And that's saying something).

It would have been a great concept, but the movie talked down to its audience way too much. They should have taken a longer look at the original Space Camp movie and gone that route than this Disney's pandering and perception of what the intelligence of children actually is.

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