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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Clancy Brown as Archer
Clint Howard as Gordon Eldridge
Jake Busey as Sledge
William Katt as Matanza
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ted-cooper 2 / 10

This movie may prove some Internet conspiracy theory...

I like movies. I like a bit of cheese. I'll forego big budget effects all day long if you're ready to give me a bit of fun dialogue, a neat story, even just some good facial expressions and clever timing with the cuts.

This film is just bad. I'm sorry. It's bad.

So why did it have an IMDb rating of 7.3 when I decided to give it a whirl?

To be fair, that rating is now down to 6.7 a few days later. But there were THOUSANDS of 8, 9, and 10 reviews according to the breakdown link. For a movie with, I'm sorry, very amateur acting, a derivative storyline that's half Watchmen, half Kick-Ass, and none of the goodness of either. GLOWING user reviews written and then "found useful" by dozens of others.

I... I think the producer got all his friends and family to write nice things. :( I feel sorry for him, I know it can be hard to break out into the larger world with a small budget movie, but the first thing you need is SOME QUALITY, dude. Look at Primer. Look at Pi. Look at The Man From Earth.

Reviewed by kruizer04 2 / 10

Like a bad stage play.

It is kind of hard to write a review that would be kind to this movie. First of all, I like Noir movies, I'll give most movies a bit of thought before I decide whether I like, or don't like. Now this movie is neither an drama, an action movie nor a comedy, it's more like a bad stage play. The acting was only just above amateur (kind of), the camera work was noticeably (kind of) bad. The effects were (kind of) tacky, the dialogue was cringefully bad (not kind of), the casting was all wrong (definatly), everything, and I mean everything about this movie was kind of wrong, in fact I'll go one step further and say, it was just plain awful. There was nothing about this movie that I liked, no wait, I lie... some of the cars were pretty cool, the biscuits I had with my cup of tea were pretty good, and I liked the bit where the movies disclaimer came up at the end, yeah, that was the best bit! Hmph. I did say a few kind words about it after all.

Reviewed by Liam Jensen 1 / 10

Worst movie I have seen in a long time

This movie is just horrible. I use IMDb before i watch a movie to kinda get an idea if it's worth the time or not. 9/10 times the site is spot on and I agree with the score, but this time it was way off. The acting, the plot, and the general feel of the movie was one big letdown.

I never write reviews of movies, as I don't feel like I have anything to really contribute with, but this movie made me create an account in here just to warn other people of the horribleness of this disgrace of a movie.

Do not waste your time with this.

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